At the same time European journalists are getting their first sample of the all-new Q3 in Switzerland and full production is beginning in Martorell, Spain, news is slipping out that the marque from Ingolstadt could be planning a potent RS version of the small crossover.

Power for the engine would come from the same 2.5 TFSI 5-cylinder found in the TT RS and RS 3. A rumor from Autoblog suggests the engine may be optimized for torque and thus sport a lower power rating of 300 hp. We've been unable to confirm this though we do know that a drivable Q3 2.5T FSI prototype does exist and that certain members of the European press may have even driven it.

And what of possibility for the USA? Sources tell us that, like the Audi A1, the Q3 likely won't come to the USA in the first generation.

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