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    Thread: What's ? and why does it stop me accessing external links?

    1. Member sweatyworker's Avatar
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      May 4th, 2005
      Melbourne, Australia
      07-04-2011 11:07 PM #1
      Whenever I clink on a link in a post I end up at a page hosted at with a message stating

      Unknown API method: /

      Not sure what is up. Vista on a work laptop running IE 7
      Edit: Seems to be when clicking on links quoted from another post.
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    2. Member rich!'s Avatar
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      Feb 18th, 1999
      '12 Touareg, '12 CC
      07-06-2011 08:42 PM #2
      some sort of tracking/affiliate link service -

      opt out
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    3. Member mad8vskillz's Avatar
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      Aug 20th, 2001
      '11 tundra, '03 sv1000, 14 grom
      09-15-2011 02:38 PM #3
      i'm getting this on all the out-pointing links on vortex too
      and the corp firewall blocks viglink, so no outbound links ever work
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      That's too bad but, VWVortex said so... so you have to do it now.

    4. Member Racer187's Avatar
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      Oct 14th, 2006
      Lehigh Valley PA
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      10-31-2011 10:28 AM #4
      I'm getting this too. So bad so, that the links rich! put in his post also take me to the 'Oops this link appears to be broken' page. WTF is going no and what can I do?
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    5. Member Suture's Avatar
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      Sep 15th, 2000
      Northern VA
      2013 Golf R
      11-07-2011 02:10 PM #5
      Opting out didn't help me. Links just don't work on the forum anymore for me. Instead, I have to manually highlight them, copy, and paste into a new tab. IE8, Chrome, and Firefox.

    6. Senior Member Hostile's Avatar
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      May 29th, 2002
      '15 STi & '13 GTI
      11-11-2011 05:22 PM #6
      Quote Originally Posted by Suture View Post
      Opting out didn't help me. Links just don't work on the forum anymore for me. Instead, I have to manually highlight them, copy, and paste into a new tab. IE8, Chrome, and Firefox.
      Just right-click the link and choose "copy link" or address or whatever the option is. Then right-click into the address bar and choose paste.

      No reason to be highlighting anything.

    7. 11-15-2011 06:04 PM #7
      I keep "opting out" of Viglink and it keeps coming back!

    8. 01-20-2012 10:46 AM #8
      Is VMG using VigLink for ad tracking, to keep watch on what links we click on, and then use that data to serve us specifically targeted banner ads? It sure seems so.

      Every time I click on a link within the Vortex forums, it redirects me to before (hopefully) taking me to the desired URL. This only ever happens on Vortex forums. I can "opt out" of VigLink through the link provided above, but whenever I clear my brower's cookies, Vortex automatically opts me back in!

    9. 04-30-2012 03:47 PM #9
      I logged out of VWvortex, opted out of Viglink, and logged back in... and VWvortex is still redirecting me to api.viglink.___ whenever I click on an image. Is there any way to opt out of this on Vortex's side of things?

    10. Member Theresias's Avatar
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      Feb 11th, 2004
      Magdeburg, Germany
      '67 Ford Mustang Conv.
      05-09-2012 04:10 AM #10
      Even worse, Opera blocks viglink now by default. So basically vwvortex and Opera will not work when it comes to external links... :-/

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