Car & Driver European contributor Jens Meiners has posted his driving impression story from the Audi Q3 launch last week and we're impressed with the results. Mainstream magazines (a.k.a. buff books) like C&D are usually great for driving impressions and putting the car in the context of the industry, but geek knowledge such as chassis component sharing, chassis designations, engine codes, etc. is usually the type of enthusiast chewables left for pages of sites like Fourtitude. We're happy to see, not least of which because we weren't there ourselves, that Meiners has a thorough report about the car and how it was derived. Chassis, as expected, is a mix of pre-MQB components. PQ46 (Passat and CC) and PQ35 (Tiguan, Etc.) underpin the car, but it also uses plenty of componentry from the A3 and TT. Meiners also includes impressions about the lone Q5 2.5 TFSI pre-production unit that was at the launch. This is definitely worth the read. Check it out after the jump.

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