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    Thread: difference between nova and chevelle?

    1. 10-06-2002 01:23 PM #1
      i thought they were the same car?

    2. 10-06-2002 01:42 PM #2
      Chevelle is bigger. You know how the Camaro is an F-Body? The Nova is an X-body and the Chevelle, I believe, is an A-body. The cavalier is a J-body. So they are totally different platforms. Many of the same parts but not for suspension, etc. and obviously they are different bodies.

    3. 10-06-2002 01:42 PM #3
      No they are not, the Chevy Nova was GM's small car and Chevelle is their midsize car of those years.

    4. Member matoo's Avatar
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      Jul 17th, 2001
      Spring Grove, IL
      10-06-2002 01:46 PM #4
      Chevy II and Nova are the same body
      Chevelle and Malibu are the same body
      Chevy II/Nova

      And an 02 in the background as a bonus

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    5. Member
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      Jun 9th, 2001
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      10-06-2002 01:59 PM #5
      Two completely different vehicles in all incarnations.
      The original Chevy II looks closest to the original Chevelle, but the Chevelle is considerably bigger and the two cars share no parts other than drivetrain stuff.
      The 1968-1974 Nova is it's own car, which later donated alot of it's structure to the 1970+1/2-1981 Camaro.
      The 1968-1972 Chevelle/Malibu is the GM Corporate A-body, a considerably bigger and unrelated car.
      The 1973-1977 Chevelle/Malibu/Laguna is the next generation of A-body, the Collonade car. No relation to nova at all, and quite a bit bigger. In 1977 these cars sold very poorly because they were the same size as the brand new B-body full sizes, and were supposed to have been mid-size cars.
      The 1975-1979 Nova is basically a heavily revised version of the 68-74 car, closer ties to Camaro than anything else in the lineup, again because of the shared construction techinques & technology. It was during this generation that the Nova became the X-body, which was replaced by the Lancia-influenced, Front-drive Citation X-body in 1980.
      The nova came back in the eighties on a Toyota Corolla variant, but most people would rather forget that one.

    6. Get Off My Lawn!!! vwlarry's Avatar
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      10-06-2002 02:49 PM #6
      I always liked the nickname that the GeeEmm/Toyota "Nova" picked up...
      'Sorta fitted.
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    7. Senior Member
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      10-06-2002 08:54 PM #7
      The Chevy II was introduced in 1962 as GM's answer to the Chrysler's Valiant and Ford's Falcon, and to provide Chevrolet with a more conventional compact alternative to the Corvair. The Nova was the upscale trim level of the series. In 1964, the series got a V8 option for the first time in addition to the four- and six-cylinder models.
      The Chevelle was introduced in 1964 to provide Chevrolet with a mid-size car on the same platform as the Tempest/LeMans/GTO, F-85/Cutlass and Special/Skylark. It was intended to compete directly with Ford's Fairlane as well as Chrysler's B-body cars. The Malibu was the upscale trim level of the series. They came with a choice six-cylinder or V8 engines, initially up to the 300bhp 327 (which would have been quite a hot ride in a Malibu sedan). Big block power arrived in the form of the SS 396 in '65, as Chevrolet's answer to other GM muscle cars.

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