Hello everyone-

This is going in here due to some of the recent behavior in this forum.

We (the administration of the forums) know that for a long while, there really wasn't any moderation in this forum. As a result of that, you guys got away with quite a bit that wouldn't have flown otherwise. Unfortunately, some of you started stepping over the line of what's acceptable here a little to often, and as a result of that, we decided that a moderator was needed for this forum.

While we understand that having an active moderator here is a new thing, we also need you guys to understand that the moderators have a job to do, and when they ask you to do or not do something, it's for a reason and you need to listen to them. Everyone here agreed to follow the forum rules when you signed up for your accounts, and it is the job of the moderators to make sure those rules are being followed.

If there is some sort of problem with a moderator overstepping their bounds, please let myself or one of the admins know. Short of that, though, all of you need to listen to the moderators and respect their requests.

Thank you.