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    Thread: 2001 VW Eurovan Transmission Code PO740

    1. 08-08-2011 04:50 PM #1
      Need the advise of someone who works on transmissions. I have had a recuring code PO740 Torque Converter Clutch Malfunction (TCC Slip Excessive) for about a year. More recently the transmission was slipping from a dead stop to 15mph that created a strong jerk. I have the car 2001 Eurovan in the transmission shop. The mechanic called me to explain he has looked at the tran fluid and it is dark. I expected this as I have never changed it. Car has 130K miles. The slipping got real bad when the summer heat got over 85 degrees.

      He recomended a new tran but my local dealer can't locate them. This is a EQJ trans. He gave me the following options:

      1) open the trans up and see if it is solenoid or ribbon cable issue. $1000+/-
      2) Open it up and if it isn't solenoid, rebuid the Torque Convertor $3000
      3) Send it to a specialty shop that handles odd jobs for him and rebuilt. $3900
      4) Try and get a car dealer to take it in on trade. The car is running.

      I'd be willing to try for option #1 at $1000 if there was a good chance it would work.

      Please advise.

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      08-08-2011 05:31 PM #2
      Local VW dealer should have them, but I think the dealers charge $5-6k.

      130k without a service ain't bad.

    3. Junior Member
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      08-12-2011 11:43 PM #3
      You should post this in the vortex automatic transmission section . CoolairVW hopefully will respond, he has an excellent website that explains p0740 slip, he is super knowledgable and helpful, goodluck


    4. 08-13-2011 10:25 AM #4
      Did a brief google...is this it?

    5. Junior Member
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      08-13-2011 11:55 PM #5

    6. Semi-n00b PacificNorthWesty's Avatar
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      08-14-2011 03:34 PM #6
      Your mechanic doesn't seem very knowledgeable about the 01m transmission or transmission diagnostics in general.
      Step one: Remove the 5mm alan screw from the front of the trans and install a pressure gauge.
      In drive at idle you should have around 50 psi and 150 at 2,000 rpm with valve body connector disconnected.
      Valve bodies are a huge problem with these transmissions.
      I would suspect that the old, course fluid has allowed the pressure regulator solenoids spool valve and cylinder to wear out and cause a fluid leakage and thus a pressure drop.
      This is probably also the case for the torque converter clutch spool valve.
      Unfortunately you will need to replace your clutch packs, B1 and B2 brakes as well as having the valve body and otrque converter replaced or rebuilt.
      The Eurovan automatic has a recommended fluid service interval of 40,000 miles.
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      Brian Farmer
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    7. 11-29-2013 07:52 PM #7
      The Eurovan automatic transmission has known problems of running too hot and producing a torque converter lockup code. This lockup code is a result of the transmission fluid running at too high of a temperature. The Eurovan automatic return cooler flow, dumps right into the lockup valve in the valve body to keep the casting from expanding too much because of heat. When the casting of the valve body gets too hot, it allows fluid to bypass the valve, which, in turn, causes the torque converter to slip, thus producing the torque converter lockup code.

      With a cooler kit installed, transmission temperatures are running 40-50 degrees F. cooler. It also, keeps your engine running cooler because you are eliminating the engine from the transmission..

      Check out www.germantransaxle.com

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