Ok my 1.8t gti died on me today I had my radio on and suddenly my car just stops running and traction control and the epc light came on? So usually when a problem like this happens I just unplug the recurclating hose on my forge dv valve for a sec and I'm all good but this time my car just went into limp mode I'm guessing.I made it home hooked up the code reader and I got the code PO221 TPS pedal position sensor switch B CKT range/perf, so I have been looking for info on this code and I have found just about nothing.I found people saying clean the t body and reset it. Well I just cleaned it about a month ago and my friend reset the t body 2 nights ago( I noticed no difference when he did this). I understand from the code I either need a new TPS sensor or to just clean the t body again maybe. I am going to go try and clean it right now but any help would be great on this, what should I do??? Lol