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    Thread: HPA Motorsports Gen.2 Haldex Controller for MkV R32 / Mk2 TT / A3 (8P)

    1. 04-24-2012 02:53 PM #36
      Quote Originally Posted by mfbmike View Post
      Haldex controller + switch = DRAGON APPROVED

    2. 05-03-2012 09:34 AM #37
      With the Gen.2 Sport Controller, you have the option of:

      Haldex Wireless Remote/Receiver
      Haldex Cable/Switch

      And, when you buy the remote/receiver or cable/switch in combination with the Gen.2 controller, receive an additional $100.00 discount off your total purchase.

      IM or e-mail me for a quote...

    3. 05-10-2012 09:25 AM #38
      Quote Originally Posted by damn66 View Post
      ...can't wait to install mine...thanks again Darryl for the speedy processing :p

    4. 05-14-2012 09:36 AM #39
      Quote Originally Posted by EsqR View Post
      Just installed it today. Install was a cinch except that the short clip was a pain to get to. Very limited ability to really get on it after the install, but I could tell immediately that she was pushing a lot more from the rear. I gave it a few good 0-60 launches and it noticeably launched from the rear more and got off the line more quickly, transforming the launch of the car compared to stock launches (which had seemed to bog down at best). I'll start a proper thread and review when I get back from the mountains, but I'm already happy with it and can't wait to see how different twisty bits are with this upgrade.

    5. 06-02-2012 02:55 PM #40
      All IMs and e-mails replied...more inventory arriving for all applications/controller types next week...

    6. 06-08-2012 04:12 PM #41
      All backorders shipped (check you e-mails for tracking information). E-mail or IM me directly for quote to your destination...

    7. 06-14-2012 04:21 PM #42
      All e-mails and IMs replied...

    8. 06-20-2012 02:32 PM #43
      IM or e-mail me for a quote on any of our Haldex offerings.

    9. 06-22-2012 02:29 PM #44
      Quote Originally Posted by Optimus812 View Post
      Everyone, this upgrade in my opinion makes the car drive more neutral with more of a rear push coming out of turns and from a standstill. Easily one of my favorite upgrades I've done to the car, what a difference!!

      Install was pretty straight forward, mine was spilling gear oil when we removed the old unit so we quickly had to swap the new controller in. Tighten two bolts, plug in the two connectors and good to go!

    10. 06-28-2012 05:16 PM #45
      All IMs and e-mails replied...

      Contact HPA directly for a quote for your 4Motion application...

    11. 07-16-2012 08:36 AM #46
      Visit the Linden VW booth at Waterfest 18 for great deals on all of our HPA products.

      Waterfest 18 Flyer

    12. 07-30-2012 01:01 PM #47
      IM or e-mail me for a quote on any of our Haldex offerings.

    13. 08-08-2012 01:43 PM #48
      More inventory of the Gen.2 Haldex Controller (including more remotes and cables) arriving next week.

      IM or e-mail me for a quote to your destination.

    14. 08-15-2012 05:41 PM #49
      Quote Originally Posted by VAD@HPA View Post
      More inventory of the Gen.2 Controllers arriving next week.
      All backorders shipped! Check your inboxes for tracking information...

      Considering one but haven't purchased yet? IM or e-mail me for a quote to your destination.

    15. 08-22-2012 12:26 PM #50
      Quote Originally Posted by damn66 View Post
      installed mine couple of days back. initial feel faster of the line, torque more fm the rear. fc no diff as yet

    16. 08-29-2012 01:33 PM #51
      Quote Originally Posted by tcardio View Post
      ...after 3 years with my AWD, I can honestly say that my two favorite mods of all time are the GEN IV Haldex with the remote and HPA DSG flash...

    17. 09-10-2012 01:36 PM #52
      Quote Originally Posted by jsausley View Post
      ...I LOVE the feeling of my car during hard cornering after the HPA controller was installed...

    18. 09-17-2012 07:13 PM #53
      Need to know which controller is required for your car?

      Check this:

    19. 09-25-2012 02:03 AM #54
      Quote Originally Posted by Teozanga View Post
      ...I can't wait to receive the gen II controller + remote switch I just bought on the HPA website in order to test the car!! And most of all I'm waiting for the snow

    20. 10-01-2012 02:47 AM #55
      Quote Originally Posted by RRRRR32 View Post
      I gave my HPA Haldex controller a workout last weekend. Even the tightest and fastest corners are no drama. It makes me a bit afraid to find out where the limits are. Even when I drive aggressively - for me - the system makes me look good!

    21. 10-10-2012 07:58 PM #56
      Gen.2 Haldex + cable/switch...
      Gen.2 Haldex + remote/receiver...

      Both "bundles" in stock and ready to ship...

    22. 10-18-2012 12:32 PM #57
      The Haldex remote. For just $100.00 more than the price of a cable/switch, the remote allows for changing Haldex modes with ease, not to mention a much less complicated installation.

      These remotes can be purchased separately, or as part of a Combo with the Gen.2 or Gen.4 controller.

      IM or e-mail me for a quote including shipping to your destination.

    23. 10-23-2012 04:34 PM #58
      Quote Originally Posted by j.a.R. View Post
      Gen 4 competition controller installed today with a bunch of other goodies. My R is now officially 2++ Rad!!
      Thanks Darryl, you are the man!

    24. 10-29-2012 02:59 PM #59
      Quote Originally Posted by PDXA4 View Post
      How reliable is the aftermarket controller (both for the switchable and competition versions)? Also what would the warranty coverage be?
      Warranty on all of our Haldex offerings is 1 year. These units are manufactured/programmed by the same company that makes your OE controller. They are of equal reliability.

    25. 11-06-2012 02:21 PM #60
      More Haldex Controllers (all variations) on order...should be arriving mid-next week.

      Get your orders in ahead of time to guarantee you receive one.

    26. 11-09-2012 12:21 PM #61
      Thank you for your orders!

    27. 11-15-2012 09:37 AM #62
      More inventory landed yesterday...if you were waiting for your order, check your e-mail for a tracking number .

    28. 11-22-2012 01:35 AM #63
      HPA Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

      Additional unadvertised discounts...IM or e-mail for details...

    29. 11-29-2012 01:51 PM #64
      All Haldex variations in stock and ready to ship...IM or e-mail for a quote to your destination...

    30. 12-06-2012 01:49 PM #65
      All Haldex controllers in stock and ready to ship.

      Great time to pick one up before the Holidays (and while we still have stock )...

    31. 12-18-2012 01:41 AM #66
      HPA will be closing Friday, December 21st for the holiday break, re-opening for business on Thursday, January 3rd...

      Gen.2 Haldex controllers can be ordered either with a cable/switch or remote/receiver. Send me an e-mail or IM, and I'll get you a quote with shipping to your destination...

    32. 01-04-2013 01:47 AM #67
      More inventory of the Gen.2 controller arriving soon! Get your orders in today...

    33. 01-09-2013 02:39 AM #68
      Quote Originally Posted by sentari View Post
      ...99 percent of the time Race mode is preferred. I also found NO loss in MPG on the highway after 5-6 tests...

    34. 01-15-2013 07:34 PM #69
      Quote Originally Posted by ignitionlive View Post
      My shop is ordering one of your Gen4 hard wired switchables for me today!

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