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    Thread: **MK5 2.0T Replacement Parts Available at Germanautoparts.com**

    1. 08-23-2011 03:27 PM #1

      For a complete listing of products available for your application please visit our website at www.germanautoparts.com

      The 2.0T engine has certain areas that are prone to premature failure. Whether you are looking to do preventative maintenance by switching out to the latest part revision or you are fixing a current problem, we have the parts you need for the job.

      Genuine Camshafts
      Typically this part needs to be replaced due to excessive wear of intake camshaft lobe that drives the high-pressure fuel pump. The excessive wear may negatively affect engine performance and can cause fuel pressure fluctuations. Fits '06-08 models ***with BPY engine code***

      Fuel Pump cam follower
      The cam follower comes in direct contact with the camshaft while operating the high-pressure fuel pump. Over time the cam follower may show excessive wear and need replacement. If excessive wear is visible on the cam follower thoroughly inspect the camshaft to see if damage has occurred. Frequently the camshaft and fuel pump cam follower need to be replaced simultaneously. Fits '06-08 models ***with BPY engine code***

      PCV Valve
      When the PCV system is failing it allows positive pressure to go from the intake manifold back into the crankcase. As a result you may see a small drop in boost pressure or it may also cause oil to push through the oil filler cap. Fits '06-08 models ***with BPY engine code***

      Intake Adjuster Unit
      The tumble flap motor is prone to failure. A rough idle during cold starts is typically a symptom of a failing unit. Fits '06-08 models ***with BPY engine code***

      Diverter Valve
      The internal diaphragm on factory diverter valves are prone to tearing. As a result the vehicle may lose boost pressure, have boost spikes or other drivability issues. Although the latest revision of the factory diverter valve will fix your problem, we recommend upgrading to the Forge Motorsport diverter valve due to its superior build quality. Fits all '06-09 models.

      Ignition Coils
      A faulty ignition coil can cause cylinder misfiring and may result in a check engine light illuminating in your gauge cluster. Use a code reader to identify which cylinder is misfiring and replace the corresponding ignition coil.

      When we sponsored the Brimtek Motorsports Mk5 GTI for the 2011 World Challenge season many of these parts were in high demand. Fixing problematic areas and monitoring them before and after each race has become a necessity to make sure the race car is always running well. Having a part fail can be a frustrating experience for anyone, but even more so when you have your time, money and teams reputation on the line. So whether you’re racing on the track or driving on the street keep an eye on these problem areas to ensure your 2.0T stays running strong!

    2. 01-30-2012 01:28 PM #2
      If you haven't updated your cam I highly suggest you take a look at this. We had major issues that would have ended a few of our race weekends if we hadn't utilized this kit from GAP. Thanks guys!

      Brimtek Motorsports

    3. 02-06-2012 11:17 AM #3
      Thanks for the bump! It is definitely essential to keep an eye on these parts since they are so prone to early failure.

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