I don't think it's a bit secret that I'm a very big fan of the '11+ Mustangs. However, when they came out, I owned a crossfire that I was reasonably happy with and didn't see any point in getting rid of the car at that point. Well, ffwd to about March of 2011, where, courtesy of the incompetent a-holes at D'Ambrosio Chrysler in Downingtown, PA said crossfire visits the repair shop every 2 week up until two days ago. That includes about 2 weeks where they had the car. And let's not forget the driver of a flatbed who backed into the car AT THE DEALER causing $8200 in damage (tech was partially at fault here IMO, as he parked the car in the middle of the parking lot!). So to say I quickly soured on the c-fire is an understatement. So low and behold, I test drive a current model Mustang GT and fall in love. However, I wanted a base model car and there were none available in a 3 state radius. So I ended up ordering the car and after 2 months and 2 weeks (those 2 weeks were due to having to wait for parts for the crossfire, getting the part installed, and then going back again because the repair wasn't done right! ).

So anyway today was delivery day for the Mustang.

I traded this in:

For this:

At the dealer:

Random places:

I love this car! It's so fun to drive and as a result put about 100 miles on it today. The car just screams when you get up in the RPMs (though I didn't go past 4500 rpms yet) and the shifter is currently in excellent working order. Super smooth and easy to use. I can use 1 finger to move between the gears.

Base car
Brembo package
Security package
3.55 rear end

I'd write a bit more, but I'm going back out to drive it. But if anyone has any questions, let me know.

Flame away!