This will be the first project thread I have ever posted and will be starring a very rusty 1980 Scirocco S we picked up last Saturday. Saddest6day66 found this car sometime ago and has been gracious enough to let me start the project at his garage, pick his brain for advice, and offer help when I get stuck since the amount of work to get the car road worthy is quite a hefty order. The P.O. kept the car running over the years but did nothing to prevent the body from rotting, so as you can see from the photos I've got my work cut out for me. Over the past week I've had it, I cleaned it out, removed the interior, found lots of rust, cut out some bad metal, and started fabricating and welding new floors.

Picking up the car


First time welding thin and rusty metal

A picture of my daily driver

Plans for the car are to get it solid and safe and leave it in its wonderfully neglected glory. Possibility of a motor swap so stay tuned for more updates.