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    Thread: Official H20i 2011 picture and video thread

    1. Member MKIIIjettadude's Avatar
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      Sep 26th, 2009
      2008 CW R32 & 2000 Grand am
      01-31-2012 09:23 AM #201
      Too keep the thread going

      H2O 2011

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      IG jpmay_R32 euronationmedia

    2. 02-01-2012 09:48 PM #202
      Quote Originally Posted by wkelly93 View Post

      just a little teaser i threw together for a video that ive been working on for about a week or so. teaching myself final cut so after many hours i trimmed my footage and threw together this first try.

      tons of footage from the whole event which means theres a chunky full feature full hd video still to come! time crunch in the classroom so i exported this extremely low quality fast loading video. enjoy
      duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude ive been waiting for this video lol thanks for getting Team Shea' at 0:01!!!
      "Team Shenanigans...Tell your girl we said hi"

    3. 02-01-2012 09:57 PM #203
      Quote Originally Posted by MKIIIjettadude View Post
      Too keep the thread going

      H2O 2011
      whose got the spraybombed markIII @ 1:39??? this guy!!!!! THANKS DUDE!!!
      "Team Shenanigans...Tell your girl we said hi"

    4. Member vwbull23's Avatar
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      Nov 16th, 2006
      newport news VA (NJ = <3)
      2004 r32 82 rabbit
      05-19-2012 06:37 PM #204

      my old car the yellow fast back
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    5. Member KyleLaughs's Avatar
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      Mar 23rd, 2010
      '07 Rabbit(gone) '11 CC(gone) '12 Volt '15 Golf
      05-20-2012 12:23 AM #205
      you know, i havent seen any pictures of this one car. an MKV hatchback, brownish paint with leopard print stripe going all the way around the car. he parked next to me as i was lowering my coils (****ing h20i) and i only got this pic. dont ever remember seeing him on this site before. am i blind?

      When i was in NYC, i was eating at a restaurant with my friend when Bill Murray passed by, took a french fry from our basket, dipped it in ketchup, ate it and said:"No ones ever going to believe you" before walking out.

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