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    Thread: Duetto; Motivate me

    1. Member irsa76's Avatar
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      Mar 28th, 2003
      Queanbeyan Australia
      2008 Mitsubishi Colt. 2012 Citroen C4 Grand Picasso
      06-23-2012 08:39 PM #36
      What was it's original colour?
      There's a step nose getting rebuilt on another forum where he had the exact same issue re colour and ended up going a slightly different shade of white to the original colour.

    2. Member R'chitect's Avatar
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      Dec 14th, 2004
      Back with the convicts
      06-23-2012 08:47 PM #37
      Three options for your consideration, I have always been partial to the mustard since aged 9 when I used to walk past a Giulia Super in that colour on the way to school,

      So either Mustard w/black interior, or the dark grey / white / with dark red interior...

      And something to further inspire you towards completion.....

    3. 08-20-2012 10:46 PM #38
      Quote Originally Posted by R'chitect View Post

      Liam said his mum had a Duetto ?

      The Rotisserie commences
      Two rings to rule them all..
      Just have to figure out (make up) the other bits and get welding

    4. Senior Member Lima's Avatar
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      Oct 26th, 2002
      Canberra, Australia
      MY10 Audi S3
      08-21-2012 04:31 AM #39
      Haha, mum's "Duetto" (I always refer to it as a Spyder) was white. If I stumble across the photo again I'll post it up.

    5. 08-26-2012 06:43 AM #40
      The rotisserie commences.

      I've decided to use the steering arm and rear trunion pickups, I don’t trust my front cross member (I see cracks). There’s no way I’d hang anything off the bumper mounts. My welding has improved a bit and I have good penetration although I’m still using too much material so have to work out my speeds. I’ve sorted an E2 bottle of BOC Argoshield light which I will try out when I weld the next bits. A dirty great hammer proved it works

      ID of the rotisserie is 1800mm, plenty wide for a Duetto at 1600mm (or Coupe/Super?). I’m going to put a segment brace about 450mm up with mounts for the steering are pickups from 720mm. I’ve taken a guess at the centre of gravity/midline being the bottom off the scallop on the door (about the widest point). Hopefully this should be around 900mm or the centre of the ring.

      The rings are supposed to be 40x40x3mm RHS galv (although they feel too light). I bought some 38x76 & 40x40 (x1.6)RHS galv for everything else.

      (note to self, don't weld on a proplyene table with an oil soaked towel)

      Pretty chuffed.. it actually rolls !!
      Last edited by craig_m5; 08-26-2012 at 06:53 AM.

    6. Member sweatyworker's Avatar
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      May 4th, 2005
      Melbourne, Australia
      08-26-2012 07:03 AM #41
      Nice work

      When done you can turn those hoops into one of these

      Some friends of mine who owned a kart track built a set but I'm pretty sure no one was game to try them
      Quote Originally Posted by Mr Stubby, Esq. View Post
      buy both, save time.

    7. Member XXX 1.8T's Avatar
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      Aug 10th, 2002
      1966 VW Beetle 1300 Deluxe //// 1968 Audi F103 75L //// 2009 VW Passat R36 Wagon
      08-28-2012 01:20 AM #42
      Quote Originally Posted by The Pork Hunt View Post
      very cool.

      please do update us with progress, I want to make one next i dick with one of my minis from scratch again at some point down the road.

      oh and OT but whatever my contribution to ye olde car tinkerings is I stuck some contact on my front grill to see how i felt about dechroming most of the panelvans bits and pieces and getting my mate to powedercoat them black.. it is nice, i like

      opinions welcome, to be quickly dismissed (also yes i know its leaking oil atm lol)
      i prefer the chrome but you know me Wes im from ye olde school

    8. 08-28-2012 01:24 AM #43
      yeah ordinarily like on an original car i'd agree but this was a bitsa car before i even got it and he tried his arse off to make it look like a 60's morris.. so i have to reverse some of the damage too (ie the cooper S bumper, morris bonnet, clubman handles.. its a mess and im finally getting around to it so might as well do something difffernet and custom rather than continue to be leave it in tryhard spec

    9. 10-01-2012 02:07 AM #44
      Ahhhhh... Mr Zagato, we've been expecting you

    10. Member irsa76's Avatar
      Join Date
      Mar 28th, 2003
      Queanbeyan Australia
      2008 Mitsubishi Colt. 2012 Citroen C4 Grand Picasso
      10-05-2012 02:36 AM #45
      Love the seats. What exactly are they out of? For some unknown reason I've started having thoughts of a 124 Spider.

    11. 10-05-2012 03:23 PM #46
      1750 GT seats?
      Best 105 choice IMHO.

      P.S I may have just bought a 1969 Alfa Giulia saloon with 'some mods'.

    12. 10-05-2012 07:48 PM #47
      Quote Originally Posted by Mark at farm View Post
      P.S I may have just bought a 1969 Alfa Giulia saloon with 'some mods'.

      Always had a soft spot for Guilia Supers since having a run over Mt Mee in Richard Anderson's London to Sydney car. Fantastic thing!! Actually, have always had a soft spot for almost every period Alpha, especially;

    13. 10-06-2012 04:25 AM #48
      Hopefully Craig won't mind his thread turning into an Alfa circle jerk.

      I bought the Giulia (it's actually originally a 1300ti /no super) thinking it would be a great weekend family car. *this may prove to be horribly misguided.
      Free road tax, it has a modified 2.0 litre twin spark engine with EFI so gets 40mpg, and has a similar P:W ratio as my old Z and can do 130mph + in relative comfort. Insurance is about 100 pounds a year on a classic policy.
      The car has been developed as the personal car of an alfa romeo restoration specialist for the past 10 years and also used to belong to Richard Banks from Alfaholics so it is in great shape and the handling/brakes are suitably uprated and fine tuned.
      The best part is it's in a fine shade of hearing aid beige.
      Can't wait to pick it up just in time to leave it parked up in the garage over winter.

      to keep things on track, the bloke also restored a Duetto once...

    14. 11-30-2013 05:38 AM #49
      Took this and a bag of kiln dried sand to the Duetto this morning.
      Shed will need sweeping out later

      Messy, wet, sandy in my jocks
      Although absolutely no dust.
      Hit it with some phosphoric acid rust converter stuff afterwards..
      That's the finished metal.

      That black under seal is stuck on well, not sure how I'm gonna get that off
      I think I might do the whole car myself this way

      And yes, someone has been in here a welding before me.
      Tin worm has take a big bite out of the front of that wing
      Last edited by craig_m5; 11-30-2013 at 06:20 AM.

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