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    Thread: 2.0 fsi balance shaft timing mark.

    1. 10-15-2011 10:39 PM #1
      hi, new in forum have an issue with this engine, disassemble it for internal upgrade but the mark that i put on the balance shaft gear erased, need the timing mark, can anyone help me here?


    2. Junior Member Slowboat's Avatar
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      Feb 12th, 2003
      JHB, South Africa
      10-16-2011 04:54 AM #2
      Here are three pictures that should able to help you.

      First align your crank pulley to top dead center.

      You'll align the middle right sprocket (Balancing shaft sprocket).
      The bottom sprocket is your crank.
      The top sprocket is the oil pump sprocket.

      Align the balancing shaft sprocket mark with the hole.

      Take off and install the oil pump sprocket to take off and to install the chain.

    3. Member IMAN973's Avatar
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      Jun 1st, 2006
      Big Turbo Land NJ
      08 2.1L Fsi 67'd SFWD Gti, mk2 67'd VRT Jetta
      10-16-2011 02:32 PM #3
      Not all the oil pumps have a timing mark. I usually dont even look for one. The easy way to install the chain correctly is to have the balance weights completely at bdc when piston 1 is at tdc.

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