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    Thread: Volt Pic Post.........High VOLTage or Low? Post pictures and stories/experiences of your Volt or someone's you know or have driven.

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      10-20-2011 12:08 PM #11
      Upon time of delivery, Frank Calciano was a bit on the disabled side, but eager to check his new car out.

      The display was also on the disabled side. It funtioned, but half the screen wasn't quite right.

      Replaced under warranty

      Mr. Calciano likes the layout of the dash and interior.... even stows the crutches to his right with plenty of ease. You can see the dash display isn't quite up to par in this picture. Didn't seem to bother me driving it though. It was readily apparent what was happening, whether the battery was providing power or the regenerative brakes were feeding power back into the system's juice storage.

      A small number of screen displays (either the front screen or the middle dash screen) had problems and were replaced in various cars as reported earlier)

      Screen below is the front screen display

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      On another note. As far as problems with Volts, the display seems to crap out on a few cars (just a few and were replaced on warranty by dealer)

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