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I'd think about picking up the 50mm lens, but one the fence about the 16mm wide angle. I dont want to change lenses for every photo/location, but would be open to having an option or 2. Which would be suggested of the two?

I have been playing with the new camer a bit. What are some good basic settings to adjust to give that perfect pic?

Also, I realize when shooting in full 14 megapixel all the time, it'll make BIGGER photo's which tends to be a pain when uploading to email/ facebook, etc.... assistance?
i like using my 50mm for those detail shots and portraits but i'm starting to find that it's too long for a walk around lens. i've started using my 35/1.8 more but it's not bokehlicious enough for my tastes. i only use the 16/2.8 as a "party" lens since it's fast enough in the dark and it's my only lens with autofocus.

there is no one setting that will give you a perfect pic every time. it always depends on what you're shooting and what you want it to look like.

i like to shoot in RAW because i'm terrible at getting the right white balance. and hard drive storage is relatively cheap so i don't mind having huge files at all.

happy shooting.