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    Thread: Post All of Your Previous Cars - VW or Not

    1. Former Advertiser
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      Jul 31st, 2002
      Orlando FL
      '09 TTS / '12 Golf R
      10-29-2011 03:59 PM #1
      By request, I'm starting a thread where we can post a list of our past automotive conquests so as to establish what sort of automotive backgrounds we all come from, however narrow or varied they may be.

      So as to keep things neat and tidy, I'll put a few basic rules in place:

      - Post one photo of each vehicle - Use a stock photo if necessary
      - Post the OEM specs/options
      - Post a list of the modifications if any
      - Post whether it was purchased new or used
      - Post how long you kept the vehicle for, or if you still own it

      #1: ;97 Saturn SC2 Coupe
      Bought used when I was 18
      Only some basic stereo upgrades
      Kept it for 2 years roughly

      Stock photo

      #2: '01 MK4 Jetta GLS 1.8T
      Leased new when I was 20
      Some OEM+ upgrades, a Revo flash, lowered
      Kept it for only a year due to it being in an accident that wasn't my fault

      Actual pic after the accident

      #3: '03 MK4 GTI VR6
      Bought new when I was 21
      Euro GTI Tails, Euro headlights, Revo flash, short shifters, springs, intake, other OEM+ stuff
      Kept it for about 2 years

      Stock photo

      #4: '05 Mitsu Evo 8 GSR
      Bought new when I was 23
      Kept for 2 years
      Sold due to financial reasons

      - Custom Track & Tarmac Performance Engineering (TTP) Road Tune
      - GSC 272Intake/264Exhaust Cams
      - Forge Motorsport Unos Manual Boost Controller 22 PSI
      - Forge Motorsport EVO15 Recirc. Diverter Valve
      - Forge Motorsport Piston-based Wastegate Actuator - 19-24 PSI Spring
      - Forge Motorsport Evo 7/8/9 Alloy Radiator w/ Ralliart 1.3 BAR Radiator Cap
      - Forge Motorsport "prototype" one-off Custom Intercooler
      - Forge Motorsport Radiator Hoses
      - Forge Motorsport Intercooler Hoses
      - Forge Motorsport Alloy Coolant Tank
      - Forge Motorsport Alloy Power Steering Tank
      - AMS Lower Intercooler Pipe w/ SiliconHoses.com Hoses
      - Walbro 255 lph High Pressure Fuel Pump
      - Samco Sport Silicone Turbo Intake Hose
      - Blitz SUS Power Intake Kit
      - NGK BPR7ES Spark Plugs
      - Invidia Down Pipe - Custom Heat Wrapped
      - Invidia Test Pipe - Custom Heat Wrapped
      - Espelir JGT-500 Cat-Back Exhaust
      - Buschur Racing Short Shifter
      - Buschur Racing Under Hood Shifter Bushings
      - LancerShop.com Brass Shifter Base Bushings
      - Powerflex Complete Motor Mount Bushing Set
      - SiliconHoses.com Brake Master Cylinder Hose
      - Removed Clutch Restrictor
      - K&N Oil Filter
      - Magnetic Oil Drain Plug
      - Revised Vacuum System Using SiliconHoses.com Vacuum Line

      - A-Spec Burnt Titanium Shift Knob
      - Innovate LC-1 Wideband Air/Fuel Controller and XD-1 Air/Fuel Gauge
      - OEM Mitsubishi Radio Relocation To Lower DIN
      - PSI-3/Forge Motorsport ECU Data Monitor in Upper DIN (Carbon Fiber Face Plate [one-off])
      - Defi Boost Sensor for PSI-3 Monitor
      - Custom Black Wrinkle Painted Dash Trim
      - Custom Black Wrinkle Painted Center Console Trim
      - Custom Black Wrinkle Painted and Modified Shifter Bezel
      - Custom Black Wrinkle Painted and Modified Steering Wheel Bezel
      - Removed Trunk Side Carpeting. Lower Carpeting Still In Place

      - OEM Mitsubishi JDM Evo 9 Front Bumper
      - OEM Mitsubishi JDM Evo 9 Rear Bumper
      - OEM Rear Spoiler Stripped to Bare Carbon Fiber and Re-Clear Coated
      - Forge Motorsport Stubby Alloy Radio Antenna
      - Debadged Rear Trunk

      - JIC FLT A2 Coilovers
      - Hotchkis Rear Sway Bar
      - Forge Motorsport Adjustable Billet Triangulated Front Strut Brace
      - Forge Motorsport Adjustable Billet Rear Strut Brace
      - Cusco Rear Trunk Brace
      - Custom Made Billet Front Lower Tie Bars

      - Work Emotion CR Kai - 18x8.5 et +30 Gunmetal
      - Falken Azenis RT-615 - 245/40/18
      - Rays Engineering Light Weight Duralumin Lug Nuts
      - Project Mu NS Pads (front and rear)
      - Forge Motorsport Custom Brake Cooling Duct Kit (Hand made by me!)

      Actual car

      #5: 1980 MK1 VW Golf LS 1.3
      Imported from Germany - The only 1272cc engined MK1 Golf in the US
      I had plans to fully resto-mod the car from the ground up and had all the parts ready to go.
      Kept it for a year due to it being totaled in a wreck that was not my fault.
      Parted it out and scrapped the body

      Actual car

      #6: '92 240SX SE Coupe
      Had plans to do a SR20 swap and make it a Time Attack type car
      Got a sweet offer, so I sold it after a few months

      Stock photo

      #7: '07 MK5 GTI
      Package 0 no options, 6-speed manual
      Bought new in Sept. '07, Put 65K miles on it, Will be my trade-in for the Golf R

      Revo Stage 2+
      Blue Flame 3" Turbo-back exhaust
      HPFP Upgrade
      Forge TWINtake dual filter intake kit (heat wrapped)
      Forge DV
      Forge Front Mount TWINtercooler
      Forge Wastegate Actuator
      Forge Front To Back Short Shift Linkage
      Forge Side To Side Short Shift Linkage
      Forge Oil Catch Tank kit
      Forge Coolant Expansion bottle
      42 Draft Designs Shifter Cable bushings
      Powerflex Motor Mount insert
      A3 Intercooler To Throttle Body Pipe (removed noise pipe)

      Forge 330mm big Brake Kit
      Forge Stainless braided brake lines
      Hawk pads
      BC Racing Coilovers
      Stern Rear Subrame Brace
      Work VS Series wheels, Stern Reverse Face II wheels, Kleeman TS-7 wheels
      Falken tires

      Forge Big Knob
      CIM Vent mounted boost gauge
      Euro Headlight Switch
      OEM Euro dash tray
      OEM Euro dash cubby

      Custom Painted Front Grill, Flat Black Vinyl wrapped grill
      Open (Euro) Fog Grills
      Rear Fog
      Colormatched Side Markers
      Smoked Mirror Blinkers
      ESE Tuning Short Antenna
      Forge Plate Frame

      Actual car. Not how it sits currently, but one of my favorite looks for the car

    2. Member Cowclops's Avatar
      Join Date
      Feb 23rd, 2011
      Troy, NY
      2012 Golf R Rising Blue, 1973 BMW 2002tii Sahara
      10-29-2011 04:06 PM #2
      No pics of the volvo but i started with a 1988 Volvo 240 Wagon, Silver, w/ blue vinyl interior. That thing was a beast... awesome for driving to school in... got it in like October 1999.

      Then from there I took over the payments on my brother's 2001 Golf in 2004 w/ 2.slow and manual transmission. Wasn't fast but it was still fun and a big upgrade overall from the Volvo. Pic here:

      After that I traded that in on a 2007 GTI as shown here:

      Next car: 2012 Golf R, of course.

    3. Member johannes's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 25th, 2004
      Plymouth, MI
      2016 Golf R
      10-29-2011 04:40 PM #3
      No pics

      1972 Impala w/400
      1972 Chevelle SS w/ built 454
      few bad college car years in Ann Arbor...
      Volvo Sportwagen
      VW passat wagon
      Mazda RX8
      VW R32

      Mitsubishi Evo VIII

      Mini Cooper S

      VW R32

      2011 Mustang GT

      Next one.....2012 CSG 4-door base .:R
      Last edited by johannes; 04-11-2012 at 09:44 PM.

    4. Member
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      May 24th, 2011
      SoCal and El Paso, TX ;-)
      MKIV.:R32 & MKVI.:R 2.:R's are better than one .:R!
      10-29-2011 04:43 PM #4
      Glad you did start the thread!!!! Gathering stock photos as I type. Will edit post with pix and information in a bit! I'm at work and gotta do some work stuff real quick. They .:R paying me so I will do sumn sumn!!!
      UNDER STEER MUST DIE!!! As my skills/abilities increase UNDER STEER magically disappears!!!
      Stock is like virginity: Useless and should be gotten rid as soon as possible!!!!

    5. Member
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      Jun 10th, 2008
      Norwalk, CT
      2012 CSG Golf R
      10-29-2011 04:52 PM #5
      2008 Jetta Wolfsburg

      Best stock image I could find. Unfortunately had basically the whole front end replaced: bumper, hood, both fenders. Was hit twice, once while parked, and the second time someone pulled across the road in front of me...

      My next car will be a Golf R 4dr CSG.

    6. Member
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      Jun 10th, 2005
      Central US
      2012 Golf R, 2013 Audi Q5
      10-29-2011 05:22 PM #6
      Following almost none of the rules of the OP, here are the cars I've owned:

      2011 TTS – Solar Orange (DSG)
      2007 RS4 - Avus Silver/Black/CF (6M)
      2004 S4 Silver/Ebony (6M)
      2002 A6 4.2 Sport Silver/Ebony (Auto)
      2001 S4 Avant Cactus Green (6M)
      2000 S4 Silver/Silver (6M)
      1998 A4 2.8 5M Sport Red/Black (5M)
      1996 A4 2.8 5M Red/Black (5M)

      2010 Toyota Prius (auto) (Currently own)
      2007 VW Fahrenheit GTI (DSG)
      2007 Toyota Prius (auto)
      2004 Toyota Prius (auto)
      1999 Ford Contour Sport (not) (5 spd)
      1995 Ford Taurus SHO (5 spd)
      1994 Ford Probe GT (5 spd)
      1991 Ford Escort GT (5 spd)
      1990 Mazda Miata (5 spd)
      1989 Ford Ranger (5 spd)
      1987 Ford Mustang Lx 5.0 (5 spd)
      1987 Subaru GL Turbo 5 spd
      1985 Ford Bronco (4 spd)
      1982 VW Rabbit "Black Tie" (4 spd)
      1981 VW Rabbit (4 spd)
      1973 VW Super Beetle (3 spd)
      1966 Corvair Monza 140 HP 4 Carb (3 spd)
      1957 Oldsmobile "J2" (auto)
      1961 Corvair "flip axle, unsafe at any speed" (3 spd)
      1952 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 (auto)
      1957 Pontiac Star Chief (auto)
      1950 Ford Custom (3 spd)
      1953 Chevy Bel Air (auto)
      2011 TTS, 2007 Fahrenheit GTI (#493), 2007 RS4 Avus/Ebony CF, 2004 S4 Silver/Ebony 6M, 2001 S4 6M Cactus Green Avant, etc.

    7. 10-29-2011 05:30 PM #7
      1: 1978 Ford Grenada
      2: Mid-70s Chevy Monza
      3: Mid-80s Subaru Wagon
      4: 1991 Jetta Carat
      5: Forget the year - Jetta GLX
      6: 2000 GTI VR6
      7: 1989 E30 M3
      8: Land Rover Discovery
      9: Land Rover LR3 HSE

    8. Member Lamfalus's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 7th, 1999
      Bay Area, California
      '97 Jetta GLX; '01 GTI 1.8T; '12 Golf R
      10-29-2011 05:30 PM #8
      -1988 Toyota Corola purchased used in 1992 (with 92k miles!), totaled in 1994 (not my fault, got more from insurance than the car was worth! )

      -1994 Corola 5-spd leased with insurance money, drove for one summer then gave it to my sister to take to school with her

      -1983 Buick LeSabre I drove from 1995-96 (literally my Grandmas car, only had 44k miles on it after 12 years)

      -1997 Jetta GLX VR6, my first VW! Bought in October of 1996
      -August 2000, totaled my car in at an SCCA autox (rolled it believe it or not) with about 78k on it

      -2001 GTI 1.8T (in signature) bought new to replace the Jetta

      -2005 Volvo S40 T5 6-speed manual bought new (wife's car), still have it

      -1999 Miata bought in October 2010, picked it up from a friend who I talked into buying it back in 2002, only has 42k miles on it

      -2012 VW Golf R on order to replace my current GTI
      Past - 2001 GTI 1.8T, 1997 Jetta GLX VR6
      Present - 2012 Golf R

    9. Member
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      May 8th, 2011
      Charlotte, NC
      VW Scirocco 1982 (SOLD), 3000 GT VR4 (SOLD) Golf R, sold, Alfa Romeo 4C
      10-29-2011 06:38 PM #9
      Citroen 2CV ,new ( my first car)
      BMW 2000
      Fiat (forgot the model)
      1968 Oldsmobile 98 convertible (bought for $200 from a priest and had it for about 3 years)
      1980 Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo ( looked fast but was rather slow)
      1982 VW Scirocco (new)
      1988 Pontiac Fiero
      2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse, new
      1996 Mitsubishi 3000gt VR4 Twin Turbo
      2001 Chrysler Sebring Coupe

      1965 Plymouth Baraccuda V-8
      1958 Buick Century
      1964 Ford Galaxie xl 2 door coupe with 3 deuces
      sorry no pictures

    10. Member breich's Avatar
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      Jul 8th, 2003
      Akron, Oh
      2017 DSG Golf R, 2017 Alltrack
      10-29-2011 06:59 PM #10
      1988 Mercury Cougar
      1996 VW GTI
      1995 Dodge Avenger
      1999 VW Golf
      2002 VW GTI VR6
      2003 VW Jetta
      2004 Subaru WRX Wagon(the tin can!)
      2003 VW GTI 1.8t
      2006 VW Jetta
      2008 VW GTI
      2012 VW Golf R

      That is will be 11 cars in about 17.5 years of driving. I think I have an addiction!

    11. Member
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      Sep 28th, 2011
      2012 Golf R; 2012 Tiguan SEL
      10-29-2011 07:25 PM #11
      Only have pictures of my last three cars:

      2004 BMW 330Ci ZHP (Performance Package) - pretty much stayed stock:

      2006 Toyota Tacoma (too many mods to list from Donahoe suspension to lighting to Pioneer navi and sound system and power rear window - this truck was special because I did almost all the work myself):

      2009 BMW M3 (current ride):

      Gunmetal RAC RG63 (19x9/19x10 f/r with ET 22)
      Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta 255/35/19 and 275/35/19
      StopTech BBK
      Eibach Pro Kit
      Dinan free flow exhaust
      Powerchip custom dyno tune
      AA underdrive pulley kit
      Macht Schnell air filter from EAS
      UUC SSK and DSSR
      Illuminated E46 ZHP shift knob from LeatherZ
      E92 Lighting clutch stop
      OEM aluminum pedals
      RDSport Stradale front bumper from IND
      Vorsteiner Type II rear diffuser
      IND gloss black kidney grills
      IND color-matched side markers with tinted LED lenses
      AngeliBrights from EAS
      Rear fog light mod
      Hardwired Escort 9500ix
      ClearShield clear bra
      Formula1 Pinnacle ceramic tint (35% on sides; 20% on back)

      Last edited by TLud; 10-29-2011 at 07:29 PM.
      2012 Rising Blue Golf R (Build Thread)
      2012 Night Blue Tiguan SEL w/ Premium Nav

    12. Member
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      Sep 28th, 2011
      2012 Golf R; 2012 Tiguan SEL
      10-29-2011 07:33 PM #12
      Love that Mini, Johannes. Great looking kids, too.
      2012 Rising Blue Golf R (Build Thread)
      2012 Night Blue Tiguan SEL w/ Premium Nav

    13. Member
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      Sep 20th, 2011
      Smithtown, NY
      10-29-2011 10:33 PM #13
      I will post a couple photos. The R will be my 31st car at 35 years young:

      1983 Trans am
      1986 Firebird
      1986 Stanza
      1989 Maxima
      1997 Trans am ws6 - new
      1989 GTI
      2004 Legacy
      1988 Legend
      1991 Legend
      1983 Trans am
      1989 Mustang GT
      1998 Jetta TDI - new
      1999 Golf -new
      2004 Escort
      1998 Ultima
      2002 GTI 337 - new
      2004 R32 - new
      2004 GTO - new
      2007 G6 -new
      1994 LS400
      2006 Silverado - new
      2008 Terraza -new
      2007 Tahoe - new
      1965 Bug
      1994 Corrado vr6
      2006 GTO - new
      2007 Z06 - new
      1998 750IL
      2004 Allroad
      2010 GTI - new

      2004 R32:

      2007 Z06

      2006 GTO

      1994 Corrado VR6

    14. Member
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      Feb 25th, 2011
      '06 Jetta 2.5
      10-29-2011 11:03 PM #14
      2006 GTO

      Love this car. Beautiful interior, imo.

    15. 10-29-2011 11:04 PM #15
      you jerks are all killing me with your 04 r32 pics......love it!!! Hope my R looks as good in 8 years.

      '88 Jeep Cherokee auto
      '92 Honda Accord stick
      '02 Acura RSX stick
      '06 BMW 330 stick
      '07 Lexus IS350 slush

      '12 ARRRRRGH!

    16. Member VWPDX's Avatar
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      Jul 7th, 2011
      Portland, OR
      2012 Golf R (2012-) 1997 GTI-VR6 (1998-2007)
      10-29-2011 11:14 PM #16

      13 new cars? Did you take some serious depreciation hits?

    17. Member Harold's Avatar
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      Jul 31st, 2000
      New Hampshire
      2004 VW Passat 4Motion, '96 993
      10-30-2011 12:21 AM #17
      In order of purchase:

      '75 Chevy Nova, POS but my first car and I bought it with my own money: 350 V8, 2 barrel carb with all of 145 hp. 1st year for cats and they really killed power.

      '85 VW GTI see sig for how long I had her. Slowly modded over the years by the time I had it mechanically the way I wanted the body was rusted to hell. Pic of it past its prime:

      '87 VW Quantum syncro wagon

      '96 Audi S6, see sig on what happend with that

      '04 VW Passat 4Mo

      Currently at 42 yrs old I have had only 5 cars.
      2004 Passat 4Mo, 1.8T, stick
      past: '96 Audi S6, forced to sell, F. U. nh emissions
      '87 VW Quantum syncro wagon, got me into quattro
      '85 VW GTI , 17 yrs and 280k miles, rusted away

    18. Member
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      Nov 10th, 2010
      B7 RS4
      10-30-2011 01:12 AM #18
      Except for the Mini, not pics of my actual cars, but as close as I can find.

      74 BMW 2002tii euro spec. Black ext, Black int.

      78 Toyota FJ55 Landcruiser. Green/White ext, Black int.

      70 BMW 2800cs. Ivory ext, Blue int

      69 1750 Alfa GT Veloce. Giallo Oscuro ext. Black int. (The one that broke my heart...)

      04 Mini Cooper S Works. Grey ext. Black int. (Actual photo @ Sears Point)

      08 VW R32. UG ext. Grey int. Smoked Karts.

    19. 10-30-2011 01:32 AM #19
      The first few cars I didn't really own but had use of for various and sundry reasons when between cars...
      1981 Toyota Corona (22R with 5MT)
      Pontiac Sunfire (3.2 V6 with 5MT)
      Some Chevy pickup truck. It was grey. LOL
      Cutlass Sierra Classic

      The first car I bought was a 1997 Saturn SL1 (or something like that) We only owned it for about 3 weeks...don't ask
      2000 Dodge Grand Caravan. Oh yeah baby.
      2004 Audi S4 (4.2 V8 with 6MT)
      2010 VW Jetta Wolfsburg (2.0T with DSG) (written off)
      2011 VW Jetta TDI (6MT)

    20. Member
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      Sep 20th, 2011
      Smithtown, NY
      10-30-2011 01:56 AM #20
      Quote Originally Posted by black_plague_21 View Post
      2006 GTO

      Love this car. Beautiful interior, imo.
      Thanks bud. I thought about grabbing another '06 and converting it to a VXR500 but it looks like I might be moving back to CT. AWD > RWD

    21. Member
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      Sep 20th, 2011
      Smithtown, NY
      10-30-2011 02:04 AM #21
      Quote Originally Posted by VWPDX View Post

      13 new cars? Did you take some serious depreciation hits?
      I made money on the 1994 Corrado ($12,000) and the 1965 Beetle ($4,000). Which helped when i took the depreciation hit on the new cars.
      Oh well, you only live once.

    22. Member Dmdusn's Avatar
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      Aug 16th, 2006
      San Mateo, CA
      2012 Golf R
      10-30-2011 06:48 AM #22
      Don't have any pics, but you guys know what they all look like.
      1968 VW Beetle
      1962 VW Beetle
      1965 VW Beetle
      1972 Porsche 914 1.7L
      1965 VW Bus
      2004 Ford Ranger FX4
      2006 VW GTI(Current car, APR 3+, 85,000 miles)
      1972 VW Sup Beetle(I hate SB, but my dad bought it new in 72, sold to grandpa, grandpa gave to me to make room for golf cart..Wanted the car since I was like 5 years old. In storage, pan off resto coming one of these years.)
      I have a major air cooled fetish. Can't wait to buy a house so I can have like 10 air cooleds parked in the driveway. It is so much fun, but I needed the stability of a DD, so I bought the GTI. 40 year old cars have quirks.
      Last edited by Dmdusn; 10-30-2011 at 06:53 AM.

    23. Member Dix's Avatar
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      Dec 19th, 2009
      The not-so-Great Place, TX
      2004.5 GLI PG, 2013 GTI 6MT SB
      10-30-2011 07:51 AM #23
      First car:
      1988 Ford Escort LX 5 door hatchback
      Freebie first car from my mom when she got a new car to replace this. Was basically a car that a little old lady had drove to the store and church before we bought it. This was the start of my love of hatchbacks due to just how damned convenient all the space inside was. The 3 speed auto tranny went on my 21st birthday in 2008. (Joined the Army 2 months later so didn't need a car anyway)

      Stock Photo (mine was dark grey not blue)

      Second (and current car):
      2004.5 VW GLI
      Bought in Dec 2009 after getting out of AIT and to my first duty station. Used first enlistment bonus check as down payment on her and got a gracious loan from the Bank of Granddad (still paying him off for it) for the rest. Sadly its an automatic. I was too impatient to try to find a 6MT GLI in the area and saw this and absolutely fell in love with it the first time I sat in the Recaros. I wish she was a manual, had more HP, was AWD and was a hatchback... which is why I'm gonna sell her to a buddy in my unit when I get back from deployment and pick up an R!

      Crappy cellphone pic from when she was brand new:

      Next car:
      Hopefully a 4 door Rising Blue R (Don't care if its base or loaded...)
      My other 'car' is a 68,000lb Mine Resistant vehicle

    24. Member BRSomm's Avatar
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      Apr 21st, 2011
      Ontario, eh
      2016 Golf R
      10-30-2011 09:35 AM #24
      '87 16v Scirocco
      '87 Jetta Carat
      '92 Jetta GL
      '97 Passat VR6 wagon
      '04 Golf TDI (new)
      '92 GTI
      '08 GTI (new)

    25. Member
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      May 21st, 2009
      Hillsborough, NC
      1995 Mazda Miata, 2015 R
      10-30-2011 11:47 AM #25
      30 years old.

      Cars: (all manual)

      '87 Toyota Tercel 3dr hatch (4spd manual) 2bbl weber carb (not my car but same color)

      '92 Nissan 240SX hatch grey, bolt on mods, killed by drunk driver
      Uploaded with ImageShack.us
      '91 Nissan 240sx hatch - white, sr20det swap. a billion mods, 300whp actual pic at beaverun drift event

      (it had a really awesome valve cover)

      '93 Mazda Miata, bolt ons, tons of fun (next to my friends gvr-4)

      '89 Nissan 240sx, silver painted black , super beater

      '95 Infiniti G20, swapped in VLSD transmission, greddy exhaust

      '05 Toyota Corolla XRS (1.8L GT-S/elise engine), injen intake

      '94 Mazda Miata R-Package black(totalled at VIR)

      '95 Mazda Miata - montego blue 15x8 +20 work equip 03, roll bar, custom interior, tein flex coilovers, etc etc
      STILL HAVE as weekend car

      '09 Scion Xb RS6.0 - NEW - trading in on R

      R will be my second 'new' car.
      Last edited by slidemx5; 10-30-2011 at 01:14 PM.

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