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    Thread: seat adjustment

    1. 10-29-2011 10:03 PM #1
      My wife is tall and finds herself uncomfortable in the more upright passenger seating position of our EVC after 4 hours or so. This could present problems as we head for long awaited retirement cruising throughout the US. When she sits in our Passat the seating position is much more laid back and there is stretch out leg room. Has anyone else run into this and done an adaptation. It appears the seat could be moved back on the tracks about 1.5 inches which would help a little but I cannot find the release that would let me get at the front allen screws. Any experience to offer would be appreciated either in getting at these screws to gain the 1.5 inches or other advice on ways to address the issue. Thanks.

    2. 10-30-2011 03:40 PM #2
      I don't know if this applies to the EVC because you guys might have swivelling seat bases, but those with CL/GL/GLS minivans have been able to remove seat from the base, turn the base around 180-degrees, and then bolt it all back together and that permits the seats to slide back further.

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      Dec 30th, 2010
      03-28-2012 08:42 PM #3
      that's exactly what I did... after driving my Eurovan for more than a year, and feeling very uncomfortable at 6f6... we just swiveled the frames under the front seats...
      I'm so baffled I didn't think of it before (or did a search for it)!!!

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