Thanks to the original creator of this material(not me).

I wanted to help all the newer, and older, members learn the quick and easy way to searching the archives for information they need/want. Admitting, the DIY thread needs some work, so until that gets fixed, here's a quick and dirty tutorial on how to get the most out of searching for your information.

Ok, so you are looking to lower your car, and you want info/opinions of a specific brand....say, Raceland coilover opinions.

So we first click the search button. *NOTE* clicking the search button within any specific forum will automatically search that forum and that forum ONLY.

What you see with within the pop-up box is a basic thread search that will generally get what you want. You can either choose to see your search criteria either categorized by either 'thread titles' or searched through ALL the threads in this forum and show ALL posts that have the key word Racelands. I do not suggest searching this way. You see where it says Advanced search? Click it.

On this screen, you have 4 tabs to conduct your search. For the most part, you are only going to stay on this tab. You can play around with the other tabs, but we are looking for subject matter on this site, in the MKIII forum

Keep the Search In to posts, because that's where you want to be looking.

Below that, in Search For Posts, you have the search bar where you put your query. To the right, you have a drop down box to choose either to search ALL posts (which you don't want to do) OR search by thread title. I suggest searching by thread title as this makes pinpointing your query significantly.

Below that, is Search by User Name. If you happen to know who started the thread you are looking for, then go ahead and search that way. 99% of the time, you won't know who started a thread you really don't exactly what you are looking for though.

Below that is the Tag option. Ignore it. Nobody even tags posts/threads, so its useless.

Lastly is Additional Options. You will see that the MKIII forum is currently highlighted (because we initiated the search in the MKIII forum). Keep it on that forum if you wish to continue to search in it. Below that are specific search criteria you can add if the thread you want to see was posted in a specific time frame.

So we add Raceland in the search bar. I keep it in Search Titles because I want to see all threads created related to "Raceland" coilovers. I then hit Search Now....

So now we're looking at the search results for any thread with the word Raceland in the thread title in the MKIII forum. At the bottom/right, you can see there are currently 4+ pages of thread info to sift through. I first suggest looking at the titles and sift through which are relevent to your query. Also, look at the number of responses to get an idea of if its worth opening to read. On the old forum software, there used to be a camera icon to signify there were pics on the thread. Not so any longer.

So now looking at the first page of results, you should be able to find any thread that has an opinion in it. Pretty easy right? If you search for something, and it doesn't come up on the first attempt, reword it. Use different search criteria. Sometimes, and this is why it's so important to make your thread title SPECIFIC, the thread you might be looking for has a completely arbitrary thread title. In that case, unfortunately, you would have to search your thread query using by the Search Entire Post option in the drop-down box next the the query bar. A very tedious task.

One more thing, and this is VERY useful. If you want to look it multiple forums at the same time for the same query, you control/click on an additional forum on the Advanced Search page.

Say we wanted to see all cars with 5x100 wheels in the MKII, MKIII, & MKIV forums...

As you can see, we got our search query back with all 3 chosen forums represented.

I hope this has helped some of you. This is obviously a quick primer on how to use the Search feature....there is much more that this software is capable of in terms of archive searching. Play around with it and have fun.

P.S. I'll keep this thread open for a bit so it doesn't get lost up top.