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    Thread: Loud grinding noise when accelerating? Please help!

    1. 11-02-2011 10:48 PM #1
      Hello, long time lurker, first time poster here. I figured that this was a good place to get help until I can take my car in to the dealer tomorrow. I just want to know how big of a problem this could be. The car is a 2003 Jetta Wolfsburg, with 150000 kilometers. No accidents or anything. And hasn't given me any problems. I've had the car since 110k.

      Today when I started up my car it randomly started to make a loud grinding/metal scraping noise. It gets more pronounced as I accelerate. I've driven it around for maybe 20k, and the problem has gotten worse it seems. The noise gets louder as I accelerate, and lessens when I let go of the accelerator. Its especially loud when getting going from a full stop. There is also lots of cabin noise and some serious vibrations can be felt in the cabin suddenly. I don't know what the problem is, but it seems serious. What could it be? Please help, anything is appreciated greatly. Thank you

    2. 11-02-2011 11:01 PM #2
      Sounds bizarre. Anyway to get a recording of the sound?

      The only things that come to mind are a turbo hose has come lose (although this sounds more like rushing air than scraping) or the turbo is shot. These are just guesses mind you.
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    3. 11-03-2011 01:28 AM #3
      I looked under the hood with light, and it looks like one of the motor mounts broke. I'm not sure how that would cause the grinding/dragging metal noise though. There isn't anything dragging from what I can see . How much will it cost to get fixed?

    4. Member 2SlowHeart's Avatar
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      11-03-2011 08:08 AM #4
      Do yourself a favor, and fix that motor mount, but don't buy from the dealer. I would say order online, from a site such as ecstuning. You'll save yourself quite a hefty chunk of change in the process. Anyway, have you gotten the car (CAREFULLY!) onto a jack, so you can see what's going on underneath? That may give you a few clues. Overall though, replace that motor mount first, and then see what else needs replaced. Good luck
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      11-12-2011 12:59 AM #5
      I have noticed for the last two weeks, our '02 Cabrio has been doing/making similar noises. I have taken note that it goes away when I put it back into park or neutral. I was thinking it was the trans. going out. Is yours an Auto as well, or a manual?


    6. Member FlyBy's Avatar
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      11-12-2011 07:27 AM #6
      I know this happened to my mkIII a looooong time ago, turned out a heat shield on the exhaust was breaking free and rattling like crazy.

      Your broken motor mount could be moving the engine enough to make something on the exhaust rub under the car.

      It's kind of hard to figure out your problem without being able to hear it. Do you have any way to record it?

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      11-12-2011 07:39 AM #7
      Yea I say motor mount too .
      Or wheel bearings. My wheels bearings where dew they made a loud rubbing noise also .
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