VWVortex.com - Is the SEL Autumn Nut burl wood trim real wood or plastic like a Camry/Accord?
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    Thread: Is the SEL Autumn Nut burl wood trim real wood or plastic like a Camry/Accord?

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      11-10-2011 05:40 PM #1
      I know that many people don't care about wood trim in a VW, but personally I like it as long as it is not the crappy wood grain plastic trim you find in many Japanese or domestic cars. Is the Passat's wood trim similar in construction to the trim in the CC VR6 Executive, for example? i know that even real wood trim is made of a very thin layer of wood encapsulated by a glossy finish layer. I am OK with that, but I am hoping that the cost cutting for the 2012 Passat does not mean that the wood trim is of the cheap patterned plastic variety you find in an Accord or Camry.

      By the way, in addition to the main wood or aluminum trim pieces on the dash, is there a thin matching strip running along the base of the windshield? I saw an interior picture of an SEL showing the A-pillar Fender tweeters and it looked like there was a thin strip of wood trim there. Is that strip made of aluminum (real or otherwise) on lower trim levels?
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