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    Thread: Legitcobra's Build Thread

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      Jul 3rd, 2011
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      11-17-2011 04:55 PM #1
      Hey guys, I've been lurking around the forums for the longest time. I had planned to do a build thread for the longest time but never got around to it. Here is my 2008 Jetta SE 6 Speed Auto

      Bought it in December 2010 at Bernardsville, NJ VW.

      Well when I bought the car I never thought about ever modifying it in anyway. Hanging around with my crazy friends who all have tricked out mk2s I figured why not get somethings done.

      First thing done was to paint the stock wheels black (Only picture I could find without anything else done to it haha). I also threw on the europlate "R3V0-3VOM".

      I then went and two-tones the front emblem black and white to go with the whole storm trooper look. I also de-cromed the entire front grill and lower grills and painted them flatblack. Left the bars crome for a nice look.

      Now all of that was cheap mods I could do on my budget.
      I then decided that money had to be spent on performance.
      I bought the Neuspeed P-Flow intake from one of the users here, invadertim3.

      My next step was either to get an exhaust or to go low. I looked up coil-overs and decided to wait a little bit and research them more. I had a friend in one of the local towns that had a MK5 Rabbit with the AWE cat-back. I called them to order, BUT found out it would be 8-10 weeks until I could get one shipped. I then decided to go with the Techtonics Tuning Dual Borla Cat-Back.

      Unfortunately i have no pictures of the Borla when it all came but it was in massive boxes. It sounded amazing after it was all hooked up. Only loud at low RPMs and was quiet but head turning at high RPMs.

      Then lurking around here I began to look into headers. Finding only Eurojet for 999.99 USD I located the OBX Racing Headers. With mix reviews I finally purchased them and installed them.

      The car is now very, very loud but still a good aggressive growl that turns into a raging monster when its opened up at high RPMs.

      Then A Ford Explorer Backed into me at a parking lot breaking on of my taillights. I went and purchased a Set of the Black euro tails from edward@becautoparts.com.

      I then purchased a set of Used coilovers from a user here, electricalbox.

      His raceland coil-overs gave me a nice drop. (Pictures from the Fall Coolwater Cruise this year)

      And thats it! I currently love the Jetta even though its a automatic. My next big thing is to install a manual trans. I have it all parted together just need to buy the pieces and get it installed. Here is how the car sits now, in my driveway haha.



      So as those who have read this know, I had a bit of a fender bender. Well my insurence just cut me a check and let me replace it with OEM parts and Aftermarket parts. Well here is how she stands from when I got her back from the shop!!

      When I got her back the first thing to do was finish my Carputer build and audio build.

      This is what my Frontend software on it works all touch screen. Running Centrafuse 3.6

      We got bored one night and decided to play a game of freecell on the computer in a parking lot.

      I also redid the trunk and got out any inperfections.

      I just also filled my notch in my hood today Will be sure to upload pics when its done!


      • Neuspeed P-Flow Short Ram Intake
      • Techtonics Tuning Dual Borla Catback
      • OBX Headers Running Catless
      • Neuspeed Pulleys
      • C2 Race Tune


      • Raceland Coilovers



      • 7" Lilliput Touch Screen VGA Monitor with HDMI
      • Two Component Type S Alpine Speakers for Front
      • Two Co-Axle Type S Alpine Speakers for Rear
      • Type R Alpine Subwoofer in Ported Alpine Box
      • Type X 2 Channel Amp for Sub
      • Type R 4 Channel Amp for Speakers
      • Windows 7 Micro ITX form PC with 5.1 Sound and 250GB HDD
      • Red Footwell LEDs
      • EuroSwitch


      • Color matched Front lip
      • Shaved Trunk
      • Notch Filled Hood
      • Badge-less Grill
      • R-Line Fog Grills
      • Projector Foglights
      • OEM GTI Style Headlight Projectors with 6000K HID Kit
      • Black LED EuroTails Coded and rewired properly
      • Votex Rear Valance and Defuser
      • Votex Front Lip
      • Votex Sideskirts

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