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    Thread: Custom leather steering wheel wraps now available + Black Friday sale!

    1. 11-26-2011 03:03 PM #1

      here's our Black Friday Special discount code: HAPPY779981. It is GOOD FOR 20% OFF as opposed to the usual 10% OFF codes we've been releasing but it's only VALID THROUGH THE WEEKEND (SUNDAY MIDNIGHT) as opposed to one week, which was our usual.

      So… shop today to save more than ever before!

      Oh, here's a teaser, we'll be doing more and more of these soon!

      More info on available models here: leather steering wheel wraps

      Your wheel not listed there? Want to get yours for free? Let me know

      Happy shopping!
      RedlineGoods Team
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    2. 12-06-2011 05:32 PM #2
      Hi everybody,

      Christmas shopping season officially opens with our NEW CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! As of today FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

      And, to show off a bit as usual, here's what just came into our portfolio: Mustang 05+ steering wheel wrap!

      Have a great week!

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    3. 12-10-2011 06:28 PM #3
      Hi all,

      Presents for Christmas are great, both to give and to get… But not if you're clueless as to what to give. Or hate getting useless (but neat) stuff that has nothing to do with what you (or your ride) really need. Or hate hoping that everything you order online arrives on time (and having it come late every now and then leaving you in the shopping frenzy for a replacement gift).

      Our CHRISTMAS GIFT CARDS solve all these problems. INSTANTLY PRINTABLE, you can reclaim them at any time towards any purchase at our site. Just give your family/friends/loved ones a link to our site… or use it yourself to buy presents for others. Here's what you/they will find in your/their Christmas sock (except with your and their name on it… or without them if that's your preference!)

      And if you know what you want in your sock… or a sock you will be filling with your gifts… We have free shipping through December 31st on ALL ORDERS!

      Oh, and this just came in, the newest addition to our steering wheel wrap family - the Miata 90-05 wrap!

      RedlineGoods Team

    4. 12-11-2011 07:15 PM #4
      What about custom application like Personal Fittipaldi (aka Personal E3).

      1982 Audi Sport Quattro project, 1983 Audi 80 quattro Euro 2-Tür, 1985 Audi Ur-quattro Euro with 20vt, 1993 Audi 90 CS quattro 2.5TDI 6-speed, 1994 Audi S2 Avant chipped

    5. 12-16-2011 07:10 AM #5

      Why not We only need to find one for template-making purposes

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    6. 12-21-2011 05:38 PM #6
      Hi everyone,

      Santa Claus came to our town as well. And brought us a 350Z steering wheel. And we must have been very naughty this ending year (that sounds about right by the way LOL) because it was in a very decrepit shape. So, us and our helpful elves had to apply our magic to it… Here's what came out!

      I guess Santa appreciated our hard work so on his second fly-by he gave us a new website! Same, address, WAY BETTER LOOK! WooHoo!!!

      Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!
      Maciek & Jack
      Team RedlineGoods.com

      PS. It is still FREE SHIPPING. All the way through New Years. Enjoy!

    7. 01-04-2012 06:47 PM #7
      Our first discount code for 2012!

      This is a black and charcoal perforated leather steering wheel cover for the MR2 Spyder and Celica 00-06 with red thread. Awesome, if you ask me!

      And here is the code: 8HY4QZ0833O - valid through Wednesday, January 11th!

      Have a great day,
      Maciek & Jack
      Team RedlineGoods

    8. 01-19-2012 05:21 PM #8
      It's finally here!

      It took some time as there are plenty new projects going on, but It definitely was worth waiting

      Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to our latest release - custom steering wheel cover for Golf MkIV / Passat B5: Solid black + perforated charcoal leather + classic "baseball" stitching:

      So, what do you think? Was it worth waiting? Or maybe not?

      Anyway, there's another Vdub wheel cover designed already and only waitng to be wrapped on the wheel and shown here. It's three spoke Golf MkV / Passat B6 steering wheel cover Stay tuned, I hope to show it within a few days

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    9. 02-04-2012 11:29 AM #9

      our new Alcantara (charcoal, color 9002) on a BMW M3 E36 steering wheel with M-stitching:

      And here is the current discount code: ZTH8L416T30 - valid through Friday, February 10th!

      Have a great day,
      Maciek & Jack
      Team RedlineGoods

    10. 02-11-2012 02:36 PM #10
      And now...

      ... something you've all been waiting for since we announced our range of custom steering wheel covers

      Ladies and Gentlemen - we've just developed a solution for STEERING WHEELS PADDING! WooHoo!!!

      A specially resized wheel wrap along with specially selected padding foam underneath will make your wheel aprrox. 1/8 to 3/16 inch thicker. What's even more, the foam we use has a very small compression factor so No smooshy feeling of a soft wheel some upholsterers out there offer. Just a firm and sporty grip All in all... it will be PERFECT!

      See the example of the wheel that is in desperate need of some pading - the 4gen Firebird. On the left - stock wheel reupholstered. On the right - another wheel of the same kind wrapped in padding foam:

      And here's only a quick trial of how it can look wrapped in leather - see the difference?

      And, of course, padding option will be available for all our steering wheel wraps at a mere $49.

      But THIS WEEKEND ONLY we are offering it for you FOR FREE!

      So chceck-in at RedlineGoods and enjoy your whole new driving experience

      Have a great weekend!
      Maciek & Jacek
      Team RedlineGoods

    11. 02-26-2012 03:43 PM #11
      Hi everyone,

      This RedlineGoods leather steering wheel cover was INSTALLED BY ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS - not a pro, in fact far from it, nothing to do with car upholstery whatsoever in real life.

      It still came out spellbinding and this proves ALL OF YOU CAN DO IT… If you order a wrap from us first, and dedicate some time and effort to get it done!

      Here's a discount code for everyone contemplating a leather wheel cover… or any other RedlineGoods product! Valid through Friday, March 2nd: 8ZX42EX40Z6

      Have an awesome and safe week guys!
      Maciek & Jack
      Team RedlineGoods

    12. 02-28-2012 04:09 PM #12
      Quote Originally Posted by RedlineGoods.com View Post

      Why not We only need to find one for template-making purposes

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team
      Can I send you one of mine, you could get your template and get mine redone at same time?

      1982 Audi Sport Quattro project, 1983 Audi 80 quattro Euro 2-Tür, 1985 Audi Ur-quattro Euro with 20vt, 1993 Audi 90 CS quattro 2.5TDI 6-speed, 1994 Audi S2 Avant chipped

    13. 03-13-2012 07:25 PM #13
      We've been busy recently ahd here's the result:

      Check our new Audi S4 B5 steering wheel cover - made of black Alcantara(TM) color code: 9040, sewn with Medium Blue thread and padded with 3mm special foam:

      Like it?

      Then see you at RedlineGoods.com

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    14. Member
      Join Date
      Feb 9th, 2003
      pottsville, PA
      2004 passat 1.8t manual 4motion wagn,83 rabbit convertable,81 pickup,80 vanagon,95 90 quattro sport,
      03-30-2012 04:56 PM #14
      that s4 steering wheel is beautiful , now you have made me definatly sure ill order something from you guys just have to find out what steering wheel i have for sure i think its an s2 one ,was a nice junkyard find ,but the leather is scuffed up l,haha and of course ill have to get a matching shift boot too

    15. 05-21-2012 05:07 PM #15
      Guys and Girls

      Please welcome our "double newcomer": Miata NC steering wheel wrap with 3mm padding foam added under our new Nappa leather.

      Yes, this is THE beautiful smooth Nappa leather that is often offered as a factory extra option for many sports and exclusive cars! Now available to You at RedlineGoods


      And here's the comparison of our regular leather and Nappa leather - both on steering wheels:

      Black Nappa + Black perforated Nappa:

      Black regular leather + Medium grey perforated

      So now, when you see the difference, pick your desired combination and meet us at RedlineGoods.com

      And when you come here, use this discount code: V8D44VA0R84 and grab 10% discount until May 28th

      Have a great week
      Take care
      Team RedlineGoods

    16. 06-17-2012 04:50 PM #16

      It's been some time snce we last talked. And this has been a very busy time here at RedlineGoods. We've recently finished some really custom projects and we'd like to show you one of them. Not to boast of ourselves but just to show you we are always eager to do more for you and your car than any other company.

      Those of you who already know us, know about it - those who do not know us yet, be assured, you'll never hear "impossible" or "not available" from us. The only thing you can hear when we do not offer something you are looking for is: "We need some time to make it for you. And if you give us some assistance you can get your part for free "

      Interested? Then see what we've done to VW Corrado steering wheel - rewrapped in geniune black Alcantara(TM) with 3mm padding and horn button wrapped in leather:

      And here's what this steering wheel looked like before:

      So if you're interested how you can upgrade your interior with our parts, remember this code: 84DI4IX86H6 - it'll give you 10% discount on every purchase until Friday, June 22nd

      Ah, and one more thing We are preparing something really special for You - next week we'll run a contest where $350 will be at stake! And the only thing you'll have to have a chance to win is to make a great photo of the great parts you'll get from us Yes, it's going to be that simple.

      Stay tuned!

      See you at RedlineGoods.com

      Have a great week!

      Take care
      Team RedlineGoods

    17. 07-04-2012 07:38 AM #17
      Guys and Girls!

      Before you go to 4th July parades, concerts and watch firework shows, please spare some time and visit our website and Facebook profile. You'll see there a company that is always eager to go one step further than any other to make your car interior one of a kind even if this means making one-off leather parts. Like this Mini Cooper steering wheel cover with 100% custom dark green/white/dark green tri-stripe decoration.

      Our Facebook profile may be even more interesting, especially when you join our "Show Pride In Your Ride" contest where $350 HARD CASH is at stake!!

      Not enough? Then grab this code: 84S563XLEA0, paste it into ordering form and enjoy 10% DISCOUNT until July 10th!

      And then:

      Jack & Maciek
      RedlineGoods Team

    18. 10-23-2012 06:00 PM #18
      One of our latest releases: custom steering wheel cover for FoxBody Mustang. I know many of you think I shouldn't show such "irrelevant" pictures here but what I am really showing here is not the product itself but how we can work together with you to upgrade your interior. Pay attention to how factory leather covers only the wheel rim and how much better the wheel looks with the cover we designed covering the spokes all the way to the airbag See the difference? So if you have any idea how we can upgrade you interior, let me know and we'll do it together

      Another thing is AWESOME stitching job done by the customer himself! This is another proof that ANYBODY can do this! See for yourself:

      Great job, isn't it? Wanna try? Here's something that should help you decide - our new 10% diuscount code, valid thru Oct, 29th: 848PVXP08M7

      Still not convinced? Then join our FaceBook page where we'll soon start a series of weekly contests with $100 at stake every week!!!

      See you at RedlineGoods.com.

      Have a great week!

      RedlineGoods Team

    19. 11-13-2012 06:42 PM #19
      You all heard about Sandy, didn't you. We all heard. And it made us pick up the pace... so the Black Friday sale starts now. 20% discount on all items as of today!

      If you were considering products for your Christmas gift or wish list... now is a great time!

      Many USPS' facilities along east coast were affected by the hurricane, hurting also some deliveries throughout the country. While we believe that USPS will soon recover, we don't want to take chances. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that your Christmas gift will arrive well ahead of time. That's why we decided to roll out our Christmas special already!

      Be sure of one thing: if you order now, you WILL NOT lose. We WILL NOT offer any better deals this year!

      Please do visit us at www.RedlineGoods.com. You will like what you see - lots of customer's cool ideas we've recently made happen!
      And when you find something you really like, here's a 20% DISCOUNT CODE FOR ALL PURCHASES valid through December 1st!


      Just paste it into the discount code field on the order form and hit APPLY to get an additional 20% off instantly!

      Enjoy! Shopping at RedlineGoods couldn't be any better

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    20. 12-09-2012 07:13 PM #20
      It's holiday season



      See you at RedlineGoods.com

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    21. 01-11-2013 06:59 PM #21
      Many people upgrade their rides by installing parts and acccessories from top trim levels available for their cars. And it's a great way - easy, simple, quick, and gives great results :-)

      But what if its not enough? What if you want sometihing more than even highest factory trim available? If this is YOUR case, call RedlineGoods and we'll make your dreams come true!

      How? Example below:

      Like it? Want to have your car's interior upgraded in a similar way?

      Here's THE DEAL: join our Group Buy HERE and SAVE UP TO 50% !!!

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

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