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    Thread: Carport to garage conversion

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      11-26-2011 11:10 PM #1
      Hi all,

      When we bought our first house 4 yrs ago, one of my wishlist items was for a garage. In the end we settled for a 2 car wide carport. (The house is a 1960’s special)

      Then last year my father in law (in the pic belo hard at work) was visiting from overseas. He is very handy and when I mentioned my dream of converting the carport into a garage, it kicked him into action.

      As you can see from the pics, the back and left hand side were part of the house and required almost no work. The right hand side had a concrete foundation coming up 1ft.

      Frame the side, and install windows. I did a lot of reading on this site and others on how to do the framing. Many youtube videos were watched on how to install windows and waterproof them. (Let me tell you, it is not easy finding videos on youtube that talk about installing windows that don’t refer to software).

      I insulated the walls to enable me to spend some time in there in winter. On the outside, we color matched the paint to the rest of the house. We didn’t want this install to be an obvious addition.

      For the inside, I was planning on using drywall and making it look perfect. But after reading a few threads, I decided to use plywood instead, due to its superior door-ding strength. I did finish the windows to look like the windows in the rest of the house.

      After 3 weeks with us, my father in law left to head back overseas. The outside walls were complete, but no front door. As luck would have it, my parents were coming to visit. My father (seen below helping) owned up to his lack of DIY skills, and offered to rather pay for an electric door for us. Thanks Dad!

      However after getting the door installer’s to give our structure a review, they noted a number of areas we had to work on. So my dad ended up doing a lot of work himself.

      A couple of areas that required work:
      1) They needed a concrete structure at the base of the door to mount to. I have never worked with concrete before. So we had to build a frame to hold it in, then some way to reinforce it and connect it to the wall and ground.
      2) The beam across the top had a couple of problems: It was not level, it was bowed, and twisted. So I had to build a ladder to take them all into account.

      And complete:

      I have since had new lights installed and a power point.

      Thanks to fathers for their help. Thanks to wife for supporting my mini-dream while looking after our 5 month old baby upstairs!! ;-)

    2. Member barry2952's Avatar
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      11-27-2011 09:20 AM #2
      Great job!

    3. 11-27-2011 11:58 AM #3
      nice work! It looks great.
      I did a similar project. I turned a carport into a garage, single bay but double depth. With all the shelving I put in, I could barely open the car doors properly. So it ended up turning into an extra finished bonus room.

      If you were able to close up the carport like you did, next time you should try and tackle the garage door install. It is really a piece of cake.

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      11-28-2011 12:27 PM #4
      Looks great! Good work! My dad is very handy but somehow that skill did not make it to me. He can/has built a ton of things from chicken coops to helping build real houses.
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      11-29-2011 10:38 AM #5
      love the way it's incorporated into the design of the house.. like it has always been there.
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      11-29-2011 11:55 AM #6
      Very nice.

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      Aug 18th, 2008
      Vancouver BC
      2010 Ridgeline, 2015 S4
      11-29-2011 02:12 PM #7
      Thanks for all the positive comments. We are very happy with it.

      the previous owners of the house live a couple of blocks away. We have seen them roll by slowly a couple of times once it was competed. I guess (hope) they are wondering why they never did it.

    8. 12-05-2011 07:58 PM #8
      In the same boat, about to pull the trigger and start mine. What was the total cost invested? (if you don't mind)

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      Aug 18th, 2008
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      2010 Ridgeline, 2015 S4
      12-06-2011 01:28 AM #9
      Quote Originally Posted by leftcoastvw View Post
      In the same boat, about to pull the trigger and start mine. What was the total cost invested? (if you don't mind)
      I would be more than happy to share costs, I just didn't really track them.

      This is what I remember:
      $1,600 - Door (and motor and install) - well actually free from Dad!! ;-)
      $600 - Windows x 3
      $150 - Plywood sheets (inside and outside)
      $110 - Tyvek wrap (I used less then 50%)
      $350 - Cedar siding - This was unexpectedly expensive (I think $12 per 8 foot length)
      $80 - insulation
      $50 - Cement
      $50 - Framing 2x4
      $50 - Paint
      + screws, paint brushes, broken tools etc etc

      Later, we paid $450 to have a 20Amp outlet and lights installed.

      If we had to do it again, I guess we could do it cheaper. We just used Rona and Home Depot. I guess if we looked, we could find cheaper suppliers.

      Good luck.

      Edit: I can't see whether you are WestCoast US or Canada. These are prices in Canada. I am guessing the US would be 20-30% cheaper! or depending on where you live
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