It's a sad day for VW enthusiasts worldwide as we report that Sunray Bugs has lost the battle with Pasco county over the right to continue with the salvage yard portion of the business. In the name of "code enforcement", the county has seized half of Corky's 25 year collection of VW parts cars and salvage and are crushing it all as we speak. Convertibles, split window pickups, buses all being crushed with no regard to condition or parts value.

By this coming Friday, December 16th, 2011, it will all be gone. A very sad day for VW enthusiasts worldwide who have relied on one of the last yards in existence for parts to fuel their hobby. And a crushing blow to an 82 year old man who has worked hard and dedicated his life to the VW hobby. We have enjoyed being a part of your VW enthusiasm for over 25 years and will continue to serve the community with new and used parts although on a much smaller scale as the salvage yard operation (and storage of cars and parts outside of the building) has come to an end.

Corky is liquidating the remaining half by Friday December 16, 2011, it must be off the property. If you would like to help save the VW's please contact Corky right away! For more information contact (352)521-5660.