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    Thread: Help: 06 Passat rear wheel bearing replacement

    1. 12-12-2011 12:04 AM #1
      Hi, gang

      new to the forum...great resource!....

      sorry if Im posting a question that has already been covered, but I cant seem to find much info on replacing the rear wheel bearings on an 06 Passat. I have seen other great how to posts regarding the electronic parking brake, pads and rotors, but not the wheel bearings.

      If you guys could direct me to the right thread, I would appreciate it greatly!....the bearing is making too much noise to ignore any more



    2. 12-13-2011 08:25 AM #2
      Im getting ready to change the bearing and could really use some guidance if for nothing else than peace of mind. Ill let you all know how I did and provide a DIY if it will add to the forum.......moderators?

      thanks, gang


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      '06 B6 3.6 4MO, Sport2, Navi, Dynaudio
      12-13-2011 05:26 PM #3
      This is a copy and paste from Bentley. Not sure the spring actually has to be removed- maybe to access the hub bolts.

      Volkswagen > Passat > 2006 - 2008
      Suspension, Wheels, Steering
      42 - Removal and Installation.Wheel Bearing and HubSpecial tools, testers and auxiliary items required
      Torque Wrench V.A.G 1332
      Torque Wrench V.A.G 1410
      Remove coil spring Coil Spring .
      Remove drive axle Drive Axle .
      Remove brake carrier and brake caliper and tie to body with wire Brake System - Repair Group 46 .
      Do not allow brake caliper to hang from brake line.
      Remove brake disc bolt and take out brake disc.
      Remove bolts - 2 - .
      Remove wheel hub/wheel bearing unit from wheel bearing housing.
      Installation is reverse of removal, with special attention to the following:
      Install a new hex head bolt and tighten Drive Axle Hex Bolt Connection, Loosening and Tightening .
      Tightening Specifications
      Component Tightening specification
      Wheel hub with wheel bearing to wheel bearing housing Use new bolt 70 Nm plus an additional 90 ° turn
      Brake disc to wheel bearing housing 4 Nm
      Copyright © 2008 Volkswagen of America, Inc. and Bentley Publishers. All rights reserved. Last processed:

    4. 12-15-2011 01:18 AM #4
      Thanks for the cut and paste....Ill have a good look at this tomorrow with the wheel off the car...then get started in earnest this weekend.


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