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Genesis-brand heavy duty wiring harness. Fitment is nearly universal (but drop-in) with fully relayed/fuse-protected circuits. Enjoy direct battery voltage for maximum pump output and pump longevity. Both under chassis and under hood version harnesses install in less than 45 minutes. No special wiring skills required.

The harnesses are mounted under the hood on most cars as there is not a ideal location for it. This being the case on the 1.8T
With this harness you don't need to be an electrical genius or piece together a harness solution that might or might not work. Your average shop is going to take about one hour to one and a half hours to fabricate a solution. You do the math. Why not save your time and money and hop on board and buy one of our headache less harnesses. Kit includes the ends to be used with both the Walbro 225 Inline Pump and the Bosch 044.

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