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    Thread: NUBWORKS ABA LRI Intermanicooler AWIC build

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    1. 12-23-2011 09:01 PM #1
      Take a good look at the LRI, I am having fabricated. *Long runners similar to the USRT unit I could not afford. *This should really wake up my Built ABA w/ 270 cam, and sealed airbox with cold air feed and velocity inlet in the lower grille.

      original thread.

      I cannot wait till this is finished.

      Also going on this motor, is a polished G60 Valve cover, t3/t4 .50 cold side. .63 hot side. and LRI dual plenum manifold w/ integrated AWIC with icebox and Bosch cobra Pump.

      Will be using C2's 42lb. fueling kit.

      I cannot take credit for the fabrication.

      Quote Originally Posted by jettred3 View Post

      Updates, I am going with a larger plenum, IAC provision, and 1.8t IAT sensor.

      Should have the manifold installed by December.
      Quote Originally Posted by nubVR
      Alright dude.... check it out... With the new bit, I had to stack the welds, and make some meat around the runners.... 5 passes around each pipe! * In order to do that, you gotta weld, then let cool, weld then let cool, *or i would warp it all to hell, *took me about 2 hours! * But you can see the stacking in the pictures, *and the last pic with the new bit... gonna try and port tomorrow night


      Quote Originally Posted by nubVR

      Alright... did about 3 passes on each.... broke the bit on the last one.... ****in arm is bleeding.... *you owe me!!!! *lol * * Anyway i figured that was a sign to stop.... i ordered 2 bits when i ordered so were ok still.... i still have another 1/2" to lower the bit, so they should really grow in size when i lower it! * ill try and do some more in the morning! *Have a good thanksgiving man
      Quote Originally Posted by nubVR
      Quote Originally Posted by jettred3
      Quote Originally Posted by nubVR
      got new runners on and plenum plate on..... *gonna drill and do all the plate welding tomorrow after work

      great news, thanks for the update.

      Used a 3/8"plate this time, and bigger welds! *Gonna try and get it drilled out today

      Quote Originally Posted by nubVR
      Quote Originally Posted by jettred3
      Quote Originally Posted by nubVR
      Sweet!...... * *Dude, *i didnt get **** done today on your manifold..... *I can tell you all the reasons in the world, and im not makin stuff up either, *i have some bad luck!! * Anyway * saturday i should make good progress on it..... *Also for taking so damn long, and i really hate it. * *Ill do that vband stuff free of charge.

      Thanks Justin.
      Dude!! Check it out!!! Couple little spots I need to fix... * The mouths are 3" diameter!

      The pics below are from someone elses build but we will design something similar, mostly Justin not me...

      Quote Originally Posted by bulldogger72 View Post
      AWIC intake manifold for ABA motor
      MUST use the ABF alternator setup
      core is from Bell, rated for 400+whp
      $800 shipped

      Thinking of doing something similar

      Any thoughts

      Quote Originally Posted by nubVR

      i think you want this one..... * then i can either cut both sides off, or we can even use the one side if you wanted.... i think i would rather cut both off and make everything, *but thats up to you.... let me throw a tape up with the manifold so you can see how long it is.

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      12-23-2011 11:08 PM #2
      Neat. I like it!

    3. Member AJmustDIE's Avatar
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      12-24-2011 02:48 AM #3
      Loved everything I just seen.
      Quote Originally Posted by root beer View Post
      It's Timmy with mmmmMojo, i have returned
      8VALVETURBO - RIP White Jetta

    4. 12-24-2011 07:18 AM #4
      Thanks guys, my built aba with scat rods and ross pistons is making either rod knock or piston slap noises so I'm gonna have to rebuild or swap in a new bottom end before I boost it.

      I have a spare motor on a stand and am gabbing the down pipe for my mk1 as well.

      If anyone wants to do some good reading check out Bentley publishers maximum boost by corky bell of bell inter coolers.

    5. Member sp_golf's Avatar
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      12-25-2011 12:56 AM #5
      Looks goood
      Last edited by sp_golf; 12-25-2011 at 12:58 AM.

    6. 12-27-2011 02:55 PM #6

      Please vote for me, i'm having rod knock.

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