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    Thread: 1999 Cabrio Window Regulator Replacement

    1. 12-26-2011 07:49 AM #1
      I am getting ready to replace the (R) window regulator on my daughter's 99 Cabrio. I've replaced several on my Passat (why is it VW can't design a window regulator that lasts the life of the car like the one on my 1962 Sedan?). Anyone know any special trick o' the trade to make this job a bit easier? I'm afraid ... after having VWs since 1966 ... this may be the last ... they have lost the art of making a quality car.

    2. 12-26-2011 04:59 PM #2
      "That was easy" Not too difficult. Just make sure you have your trust 10mm socket, a 20 torx and a 15 torx. Also helps to have the key to the car (Duh) ... Overall if I had it at my garage, it would have taken about an hour total. Having to run for tools (I was not at my home garage) ... added an extra hour or so. Not having the key ... an extra hour and an extra trip for my wife (Oops, sorry, dear)

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