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    Thread: 92 GTI VR6 swap 85% complete - $2100 OBO

    1. 12-26-2011 07:01 PM #1
      Red GTI Rally round lights.

      Ok. The house is under contract and we don't have another house lined up. The car has to go.

      The best offer received by Feb 29 takes it. $1700 takes it now.

      I don't want to sell but we need to move and need it cleared out of the garage. This thing just needs to be reassembled.
      The motor is a 1993 Corrado VR6 with 85000 miles on it. (
      Wiring, pedals, subframe, are all done.
      I have all the parts needed to complete the swap, radiator, coolant system, everything. (go with car)
      Front end is new, Aarms, tie rods, bushings, and 10.1" brakes.

      Sweet recaros ($350) pics up soon
      BFI Stage 1 for mk3 new in the box (175)
      euro tails (100)

      I have a lot more in this than I'm asking but quick is better than more right now. I'm not real happy about having to sell this in this way.

      Come get your project.
      Here's a couple of pictures.

      Shoot me a message.

      I think that's a leaf on the seat, not a rip

      Last edited by kilgoresgti; 02-11-2012 at 03:07 PM. Reason: changed pricing

    2. Member DocWyte's Avatar
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      Oct 1st, 1999
      Denver, CO
      '06 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, '98 BMW M3
      01-01-2012 05:00 PM #2
      Sent ya a pm

    3. Member rockinveedubs's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jan 19th, 2010
      Colorado Springs
      1984' Westy 4dr Rabbit L, 1984' Euro 2dr GTI, 1984' Westy GTI, 1978' Wild White Rabbit
      01-13-2012 07:19 PM #3
      PM sent.

    4. 01-21-2012 10:36 PM #4
      Do you still have it up for grabs

    5. 01-22-2012 09:49 AM #5
      Yep and I'm getting desperate.

    6. Member srm's Avatar
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      Jun 19th, 2007
      Springfield, VA
      92 VR Corrado, BMW e63, mk6 Jetta 2.slow daily
      01-23-2012 02:20 AM #6
      Do you still have it available ? Where are you located at?
      You know you drive a VRT if:
      - It is impossible to sneak out of your neighborhood at 4am
      - you start to worry when your CEL turns OFF
      - you look in the rearview during a hard shift and scream "aaah that one shot a flame"

    7. 01-30-2012 12:26 AM #7
      I need to move this stuff, otherwise I'll have to move this stuff. We're selling the house and I'm trying to scrape together every buck I can find.

    8. Member euro_trash44's Avatar
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      Nov 12th, 2011
      Bremerton, WA
      1986 golf, 2010 golf
      01-30-2012 02:39 AM #8
      Any chance of taking a trade for a stock 1.8L mkii gti that moves on its own power?

    9. 01-31-2012 09:06 PM #9
      Very Inyerested . How close is it to be running I have. Cash. Fill me in

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