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    Thread: Wanted to get the most power out of my 8v, questions, and opinions

    1. Junior Member
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      Jan 14th, 2006
      1988 Cabriolet
      03-26-2012 03:46 PM #26
      My experience has been with the Audi I5 motors running CIS. I've actually been contmplating how to shoe-horn one into an MK1.

      Failing that the amusing idea is to hack off the not needed EM port and block it off to allow the use of the k26 or k24 turbo. I also have a couple of 5-cyl CIS dizzys and have also been contemplating that since it will add a substantial amount of fuel as an extra injector, perhaps pressure switched.

      Similar to the VW 8V, the 10V I5 is not a cross-flow head and is prone to detonation. The easiest way to get more power is really to do as others have already suggested, especially since you seem to be fairly new to all this. The best bang/buch for an Audi I5 is to go with the 20VT motor instead of the 10VT.

      A mild cam will help an 8V as would solid lifters, but then you must adjust them.

      And lastly, returning to the start, CIS is VERY reliable. Once you have your zero and basic settings done (DON'T mess with it unless you buy a manual and fully understand things) the final adjustments are very simple. That's my $0.02 and I hope it helps.

    2. 03-27-2012 07:21 PM #27
      Here is a post I did for CIS based cars, gives you the ability to tune the air /fuel ratio to where your engine will make the most power. The CIS lamba aka K-Jet is not easily for max power, this is why many switch to CIS basic. CIS basic allows you to tune the CIS.

      This CIS mod allows you to use a computer to tune for max power and tune for reasonable gas mileage too.


    3. Member c0mmon's Avatar
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      Dec 29th, 2003
      15 BMW 3-97 4Runner-07 CR-V (84/85 Sciroccos RIP/77 Rabbit RIP/etc)
      04-02-2012 04:38 PM #28
      if you want power, ditch the 8v

    4. Member
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      Dec 16th, 2011
      Middletown, NJ
      '87 GTI 8v 95' Suburban
      04-02-2012 09:41 PM #29
      I'm just looking to get the most out of my 8v while it's in there. I plan on doing a 1.8t 16v in the future.
      My girlfriend and I may have broken up after three years, but then again, I have the MK2<3

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