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    Thread: Diaper Bags! For Men Edition

    1. 04-04-2012 08:52 PM #36
      My wife bought a black "Diaper Dude" messenger-style bag for me before our daughter was born, and she got an expensive designer one from a friend at a shower. The Diaper Dude bag is used almost all of the time now, because it is more intelligently designed than the nice bag. Maybe if we have a second while our daughter is still in the diaper world we will use them both at the same time, but that seems unlikely to me at this point.

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      04-06-2012 09:36 AM #37
      Quote Originally Posted by woofster View Post
      My wife has a Skip Hop DASH bag in the Cherry Blossom print design as pictured below:

      Not exactly the most masculine but that said, Skip Hop does have other designs which are actually pretty nice. Personally, if I'm with my little guy, I carry our diaper around proudly as it's quite obvious my wife was the one who chose this bag!
      I have this one too! I love that brand and use it now as my own work bag that also happens to have diapers and binkies in it. I have a smaller clutch type that held one or two diapers, a changing mat and a wallet that was perfect for times I didn't want to carry luggage. It's quite feminine, but my husband has proudly slung it over his shoulder on trips to the doctor and such. I suggested getting him a backpack, but he would rather use what we already have.

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