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I don't mind spending a moderate amount of money to get some good tools, but I need to build a starter kit for mucking around with my new GLI. I'm looking to get the Schwaben trim removal tools, but I really have NO idea what else to start. I've searched, but have yet to find a good definitive list that suits my needs. I could use some recommendations for the following.

a.) Jack Stands.
b.) Car Care/Wash products that come highly recommended.
c.) Ratchet Kit. Really like the Wera tools, but I'm not sure what size is appropriate as price fluctuates quite a bit. I was thinking the 3/8" would be ideal.
d.) Gadgets. I love new gadgets and toys. Any item that you feel you could not be without.

Thanks for the input.
If your working on a vw your gonna need a good set of torx bits... As far as brand I only buy snap-on, but they're a little expensive for the weekend warrior.