Selling my 1999 AUDI A6 Quattro Silver color, all wheel drive, the car has 116k miles, triptronic transmission so it can be auto or manual as you please, its a 2.8L V6 engine with 200hp , the car drives and sounds beautiful, has traction control, ABS, side curtain airbags, front and back HEATED seats just for those cold Buffalo nights, 16" premium wheels, cd changer, Black Leather seats, wood trip throught out the car, sunroof, and many more features, the car runs really good i just passed inspection couple months ago, the tires are really good almost new and perfect for the winter, oil has been regularly changed, im the second owner of this vehicle and it was never in any accident and has a clean title, althought i did hit a shopping cart but its nothing major, if you are intreasted i can be reached at 716 650 80 70 , im in Buffalo NY , sorry about the bad pictures we had a snow storm yesterday so the car is dirty and needs a wash, i can take better pictures if needed.