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    Thread: Black 1997 Jetta GLS Part Out MA

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      01-17-2012 11:01 AM #1
      This was a full part out. I kept every piece apart from the actual body (except strut towers).
      Below are some of the parts I recorded. There are many more, so just ask.

      I can send pictures on demand.

      Dummy lens: SOLD
      Wipers/wiper assembly: $30
      Bumpers: Sold
      Hood: Sold
      Fenders: $30each Driver side sold
      Doors: $30 each. Rear driver side,Front Passenger side: sold
      Trunk: $50
      Rain tray: $25
      Wheels/tires (4 new tires): Sold
      2XGas tank: Good one 30$ and Punctured and fixed one $20

      Glove box: $25
      Gauge cluster: Sold
      Dash/ one tan one black: $25
      Air bags: $25 each
      Headliner with sunroof: $30 In Great shape
      Tail lights (Jetta/Golf): $40 each set
      Exhaust (cat, resonator, and muffler):Sold
      Trim pieces (tan): $2-10 each
      Cd-Changer: SOLD
      Trunk carpet (dark):$25 all of them
      Carpet: $15

      Radiator/fans: Sold
      AC Compressor: $25
      Alternator: $50
      OBD2 Ecu: Sold
      Trans: Sold
      Block: $120
      Heads (odb1): $100
      Gas pump: $50
      Coolant ball tank: $20
      2x Windshield fluid tank: 15$
      2x PS Fluid tank: $15
      Rust free shock tower: Both Sold
      K-Frame: $25
      Knuckles: sold
      2 x Steering rack: $40 each
      Brake caliper/holder: both side $60
      Brake rotor: sold
      Brake booster (ABS/Non-Abs): $40 Each
      A-Frames: $25 each

      Six17-852-3424 Feel free to call or txt. -Alex
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