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    Thread: Garden State Euros – Weekly Northern New Jersey Tri-State Meet!

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      01-18-2012 10:35 PM #1
      Welcome to the official -GARDEN STATE EUROS- club discussion thread for our Tri-State European car club!

      Our club was formerly known as Tri-Dubbin’ which originally started as a New Jersey Volkswagen based club but soon evolved into a full European car club with Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Volkswagen and other cars from all over the Northeast. Based on the overwhelming response at our weekly meets and at our Annual DubRun events, we felt the need to update our club name to encompass all European cars and owners. The club name has officially changed from Tri-Dubbin’ to Garden State Euros or “The GSE”. Garden State Euros will serve as the Tri-State's European car club for all owners and enthusiasts who value the culture and conduct of our weekly meets and events. Garden State Euros began in New Jersey where we continue to meet year round on a weekly basis with a large attendance from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania members.

      The original Tri-Dubbin’ club name, apparel and swag will continue to serve as the Volkswagen sub-group within Garden State Euros. We don’t want to forget where we came from and how the club originally started.

      Find us on Facebook: -Garden State Euros Facebook Page-
      Main GSE Club Thread: -Garden State Euros VWVortex Thread-
      For the Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche, VW and other forums, Google search: -Garden State Euros or Tri-Dubbin’-

      -Enjoy our ongoing club photo album courtesy of M.Spad Photography-


      Officially, our weekly meets are held year round on Wednesday nights between 5:00pm - 10:00pm. The largest volume of cars show around 7:00pm. We received approval to meet at our selected location on a weekly basis with the guarantee that we would not abuse these privileges. If it's not raining in the area at 5:00pm the meet will be on. This gives everyone time to prepare or travel to the meet location. For the meet location, please introduce yourself by posting in any of our club threads or on our -GARDEN STATE EUROS- Facebook group page. We are accepting only European cars on an invite only basis at this time.

      Garden State Euros (GSE) does not tolerate any misuse of vehicles including burnouts, engine revving, loud sound systems, speeding, racing, immature driving or unsafe practices. We are in contact with the police and will call them to report or remove unwanted attendees. Our club also tracks offenders and provide the information to the local police and list them on an -“Official Tri-State Meet, Club, Event BLACKBALL List”- thread. Attendees are not to take these precautions as a threat but rather a realization that Garden State Euros (GSE) will protect their club at any cost for the true European car enthusiasts and community. Their events and meets are simple; arrive, park, turn off the car and hang out with other enthusiasts. With the anticipated turnout, Garden State Euros (GSE) wants everyone to know that this is a family oriented club with parents and children attending and strict conduct rules will be enforced.

      Please see the “DubRun” and “Official Club Photo & Video Shoot” events below in our Events Calendar.
      Feel free to bring your camera equipment to help cover the weekly meets or our events.

      We currently have club t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and stickers for sale to anyone who attends the weekly meet.
      Orders and payment can also be taken at our weekly meets; we accept cash, Paypal or credit/debit cards using Square software; ask for Ryan (HYDE16).

      Payment: Paypal $50 as a personal “gift” to GardenStateEuros@gmail.com
      Notes: List your t-shirt size, full name and address for your Team EuroTrash’s Drive 2 Fight Cancer t-shirt

      Our club reserves the right to refund dues and revoke or refuse GSE official member status for anyone who represents our club in a negative way.

      Our weekly club meets and cruises are absolutely free to those who want to hang out and enjoy the European car scene. If you’ve never been out to the weekly club meets before, please attend several meets so our established members can get to know you. Before joining the club, we want to make sure we meet your expectations and also make sure that you will represent the club in a positive way. We’ve worked very hard to get to where we are today and are looking for members who want to contribute and represent our club in a positive way.

      Why pay club dues then? The $50 annual club dues are not required but are designed to benefit the club member, the club overall and provide a donation to -Team EuroTrash’s Drive 2 Fight Cancer- charity. $25 will immediately go towards -Team EuroTrash’s Drive 2 Fight Cancer- charity while the remaining $25 will go back to the club for membership benefits and to help cover costs such as the annual DubRun event. You will also receive a Team EuroTrash’s Drive 2 Fight Cancer t-shirt, 6” round car magnet for shows and a sticker pack in the mail. As an added benefit, you will also be entered into a -Team EuroTrash- raffle contest drawing at the end of the year.

      -Members contributions would go towards the club’s annual DubRun event (insurance & miscellaneous costs)
      -Members contributions would go towards Team EuroTrash’s Drive 2 Fight Cancer charity
      -Member would receive a Team EuroTrash’s Drive 2 Fight Cancer t-shirt, 6” round car magnet for shows and a sticker pack in the mail
      -Members would receive access to club negotiated discounts from sponsors and vendors
      -Members would be officially recognized on all club websites, articles, club lists and would automatically be added to other event lists for discounted entry
      -Members would receive free VagCom work from other members

      Advertisement is vital to growing our club. Whether we post in the Tri-State section of the forums, PM individual members, add this thread link to our signatures, pass out our club flyers (see download link below) to people or leave them on cars, it all helps to generate new members. The more members we have, the more contacts we have for our club knowledge base, business leads, ideas, events and possible sponsors. In order to help our club grow, please participate in any of the following ways:

      1) Put this thread link in your signature; below is the coding. Just paste the link to this thread within the quotes then remove the dash ( - ) within the and section of the coding.

      [-URL="enter link to this thread here"]Garden State Euros – Weekly Northern New Jersey Tri-State Meet![/URL-]

      2) Download and print the latest Garden State Euros club advertisement flyers to keep in your car and hand out to other European cars.
      -Garden State Euros Advertisement Flyer-

      3) Place our Garden State Euros club stickers on your car (available for sale at our weekly meets)

      4) Post this thread link in any other event threads in our area

      5) PM this thread link to anyone you notice is in a location near our meet

      For the Audi, BMW, Fiat, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche, VW and other forums, Google search: -Garden State Euros or Tri-Dubbin’-
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