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    Thread: Which Flex Pipes to Buy - 2.8L 12Valve 1997 A4 Quattro

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      Jul 28th, 2011
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      2001 VW Jetta GLX VR6 5spd, 1997 Audi A4 Quattro 2.8V6(12v) 5spd
      01-22-2012 01:20 PM #1
      Hey everyone,

      I am trying to replace both flex pipes before the cats on my Audi A4 2.8L 12. The existing pipes are leaking quite a bit and I was not sure which replacements would be the best fit.

      I read over a lot of forum posts about this exact issue. I just wanted to get a second opinion on 2 things.

      1. What size is this pipe on the 12valve quattro? My guess was 50mm.

      2. If thats the case, will this be my best bet: http://www.ebay.com/itm/300511490735...#ht_500wt_1038

      3. Also, where could I get new collector gaskets for this car? I'm guessing ill be taking down the downpipe to make sure I get a good bead all around the new flex pipes.

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