I Posted this up on TAG but who knows when I will get a reply! lol So im hoping you guys got some Info too!

Some smart guy Hit my car in the parking lot of Olympia Hills Golf course while I was playing yesterday on my rear bumper. Its not terrible but I am not sure of the extent of the damage. He cracked a good section of my paint, scuffed it up, broke the clips on the chrome trim under the trunk lid and chipped some paint off of the trunk itself. Thank god he was a good guy about it and left a note with all of his information and insurance so it will be paid for. I know that if the bumper is cracked or dented I will need a whole new one AND paint.

But what I am getting down to, is me needing some help finding where I should get it fixed. I am just thinking Cavander Audi since I dont have to pay for it, but I want some of your guys' recommendations too to see if there is somewhere better I should bring the B6.
thanks in advance!