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    Thread: Water at front drivers side floor

    1. 01-24-2012 02:15 PM #1
      Hello all,

      Since a while, we have a water problem in our 2003 Polo. When it has been raining, there is a lot of water at the drivers side front floor, and sometimes even the rear floor as well (somewhat similar to this thread: http://forums.motivemag.com/showthread.php?4142427 but less).

      I have already cleaned up the space where the wiper mechanics is but that didn't solve anything. Next thing I tried was loosening the wheelcase (or whatever you call it, see the pictures below) and indeed, there was a whole lot of junk inside that area.

      After I did this, I poured some water over my front window, but it still seemed as if the problem is not solved yet (as it had been raining a lot recently, it is hard to tell for sure before the car has properly dried out for a couple of days). When I put the car back down (I had to lift it to remove the front wheel) I noticed a lot of water pouring out the bottom of the car (see picture) but I have no idea where this comes from.

      As I said, I'm not entirely sure whether this has solved the problem (but at least I cancelled out one cause), so if anyone knows other typical causes for this problem, please let me know. For those who have a similar problem and don't know where to look, perhaps you can start here.

      And now the pictures:

      The cheelcase when it was still closed

      Opened wheelcase, full of rubbish. The black plastic structure is where I assume the water was coming in when it had been raining and water collected on top of the rubbish

      Opened wheelcase after cleaning

      The rubbish I took out:

      After pouring water over the front window, (I think) I saw this wet spot appearing again, under the place where your left foot can rest (so where your heel is supposed to be). The stuff you see on the floor is wood to take up the water

      The place where I saw water pouring out when I put the car back down. I'm not sure if this is normal or not, especially when the front has been lifted

    2. 01-28-2012 07:06 AM #2

      today it has been raining a lot again, and the footwell is soaking wet again. So I'm afraid the problem is not solved. I am looking at the sunroof now, and noticed the drain nipples shown in this thread:
      http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthrea...rain-locations are not present, I just have some closed, rubber sealings.

      It the sunroof drain supposed to exit at that location (between the front door hinges), or is this different on a 9N?


    3. 03-30-2012 10:42 AM #3
      New (and hopefully last) update:
      I went to a garage and I think we found the problem: the hose of the sunroof drain doesn't end up at the side, but through the front, in the front-left corner of the windscreen-dashboard interface.

      The drain hose goes through a rubber joint, but the hose is just long enough to reach that and it came loose (probably when my dashboard was replaced), ending up somewhere behond my dashboard

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      04-26-2012 07:30 AM #4
      Alright um, so far this is my thoughts. That it could either be a leak in the heater matrix. OR Somewhere along the doorcards or the seals on the windows and doors there is a crack. Hope this helps dude.
      VAG = <3

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