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    Thread: Selling my 93 4-door $1600 OBO

    1. Member denver_fox's Avatar
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      Oct 15th, 2011
      Denver, Colorado
      93 SLC---93 2dr---88 wagon---79 Jimmy
      02-08-2012 07:08 PM #1
      After alot of mixed emotions, I have decided to sell my red 93 gl wolfy for some quick cash. This car was givin to me about a year ago from my loving grandma(c'mon guys, you gotta love your grandma, remember the adam sandler song?) I love this car, but I need less cars, more cash. I decided to give you guys a crack before it goes on craigs.

      Couple pics of it http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthrea...ox-Couple-Pics

      The Good
      Been my daily driver since August, runs great-odo was stopped at 73k, but I'd guess 90-120k
      Tune Up/spark plugs, wires ,rotor, dist. cap
      Oil Change-always used mobil 1
      New Gas & Fuel Filter
      New Back tires/less than 500
      New Oil & Fuel regulators
      New Coil
      Replaced a couple fuel lines
      Replaced driver mirror
      Replaced upper steering column(old one was stripped where nut holds steering wheel on)
      Cd Player with good speakers/ fronts are oem and need replaced
      New headlight switch-cost $80 brand new from dealership
      New passenger side c.v.j
      Door Panels good and body has no dents except for slight ding on hood and rad. support
      Upgraded it with oem bumper lights cuz I don't like the plastic pop in trim
      replaced the middle exhaust
      Car was always garaged, and has little to no rust
      some other stuff im forgetting

      The Bad
      Driver Side c.v.j is getting bad/ have a new one ready
      Alternator whines in first gear when its below about 8 degrees outside
      The right bracket that holds heater in dash broke and its kinda wiggly, but still works fine
      Fuel pump recently started humming
      rad support on passenger side got pushed down, so hood is slightly uneven/ have one that I was gonna put in to fix it
      Driver handle just broke two days ago

      Thanks for looking guys. I'm sad about lettin the little beast go, but if it goes to another foxer, I'll be happy.
      I guess I should be thankful I have another one

      Pm me if you want more pictures-or send me your cell number so I can text you some
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    2. 03-21-2012 08:56 PM #2
      is this still up for sale?
      if so, where are you located?

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      Aug 17th, 2011
      Cold Spring, NY
      '89 Fox Coupe, '04 Jetta GLS Wagon TDi, '88 Fox GL Wagon (project)
      03-22-2012 02:33 PM #3
      Quote Originally Posted by energizer821 View Post
      is this still up for sale?
      if so, where are you located?
      I'm going to assume Denver
      How a VW Fox Wagon sucked me back in...a build thread

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