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    Thread: Restore Project 88 Cabby!

    1. 02-10-2012 03:22 PM #1
      This is my 3rd Cabby project! She needs some work but when i found her she was in the middle of a restore project that someone lost interest in ,, THEIR LOSS!,, paid 1000$ for it. The guy that worked on it before me was trying to go complete original, every single hose, wire, connection, is all OEM.

      Brand new steering, even has a new power steering pump, with AC, I havent gotten the AC to work yet tho,, something i need to read up on cause this is the first Cabby with AC I have seen.

      The issue im having right now as she stopped running after 2 weeks i had her, about 6 months ago and now im finally ready to get her to start up again. It started acting up for 3 days before it completely stopped starting,, i almost got stranded a few times when she wouldnt start but now she is finally just wont even fire once.

      I replaced the rotor and cap, new plug wires, new plugs.

      Its either a bad coil or a bad fuel pump.

      Anyone know how i can test the coil?

      I was going to take off the fuel pump hose next to the injection and turn the key on ,, the fuel pump should pressurize the line right? Will the fuel pump continue to run to drain out all the old gas this way as well??? Trying to kill 2 birds with one stone on that one... that way i know if the pump works and get rid of any old gas that may be causing the failure to start.

      I replaced the rotor and cap, new plug wires, new plugs.

      Im gonig to work on it today if anyone cares to chime in with a few tips and answers.

      Thanks Gnomes. Pics to come.
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    2. Member cab89's Avatar
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      Jul 25th, 2011
      02-10-2012 04:31 PM #2
      A loose vacuum hose or leak will keep it from starting, and will make it run like crap.
      I left a small vacuum hose off and I thought I had killed the car because it would not start. I finally found the hose, connected it, and it started right up.
      Check ALL the hoses and especially the rubber connectors (by pulling on them) because those connectors may look fine but can be the texture of chewing gum and leaking air, especially the one where three vacuum hoses meet in the middle rear of the valve cover.
      As for the pumps, you will crud them up trying to drain the tank. It is so simple and easy to get into the gas tank under the rear seat bottom there is no excuse for not draining the tank right, and making sure garbage is cleaned out.
      Kudos to VW for the fuel tank/pump/sender access.

    3. 02-11-2012 05:36 PM #3
      nope ,, was the fuel pump relay was bad! she is running sweet now!

      BUT! there is an issue

      she hasnt ran in a long time so im guessing it might be just a lack of oil movement around the engine.

      There is a ticking under the valve cover. I let it run at idol for 10 mins and still pretty loud Checked the oil level and it was ok,, will change the oil and filter tomorrow... anyone have any other idea what it could be? It never did it before it stopped running.


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