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    Thread: Help me choose my first RC car

    1. Member Deltac's Avatar
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      Jul 7th, 2009
      Rome, Italy / FL, USA
      02-12-2012 07:29 AM #1
      hey guys,

      I wanted some help on choosing a decent starter RC car...what I'm looking for is something that's good for off road terrain, with a good ground clearance and the ability to mod it and upgrade it. The car should be electric, and I don't mind building a kit.

      What I lust after is something like a this ( &products_id=342) but im scared of the costs going up to get a receiver, battery and other things necessary.
      I think it's very hard to find a scaler with a budget lower tan 200€. So my only other option may be getting a short course vehicle (4wd preferably) that is complete with everything.

      I wanted to see what you guys thought about these entry level RC cars. The price of these are all between 120€-160€ with all accessories included.

      Smaller scale, but the brand is quite well known in Italy

      Rock crawlers

      Are these any good??

      I read on another thread that brands like traxxter and slash are good starter vehicles, problem is that they are hard to find in Italy. I would like the possibility of changing bodies also, so I don't know which of the above has this possibility.


      Edit: I spent a good amount of time reading about RC cars and types so I updated the post
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      03-01-2012 07:44 PM #2
      My biggest concern would be; where do you get spare parts? Some brands are well supported, while others... good luck finding stuff in stock (Hot Bodies comes to mind).

      For radio, check out the fly sky 2.4ghz system ( etc..)

      For batteries, same as above. Great prices on hard and soft pack LiPo.
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