Car is a 2001 Audi TT 225 Quattro with 6sp. manual

Front left marker light (the yellowish one on the lower part of the headlight) does not work with car running/lights on, right does. Both turn signals work normally, no quick flashing or warning lights on dash. Front right marker light goes out when the car is off, with the key on, but the left side then works.

This happened after my install of a Greddy FATT timer. I wired the constant 12v into the largest constant 12v (red, but tested with multimeter, as all wires were) I could find in the bundle coming off of the ignition. I wired the accessory wire to an accessory wire in the same bundle and the ignition on wire to that wire in the same bundle. The timer worked, but MANY lights ceased to turn on with the headlights (radio and knob backlighting, guage backlighting, and about half of the running lights - pretty much all of them on one side of the car only). After reading how others have installed their timers, I disconnected the accessory wire hookup. A day later after about 3 starts, everything besides the marker lights work normally, and it has been about 2-3 months since and things have continued to work normally. I only noticed the marker light issue because a friend I was following pointed it out.

All other lights work properly. Any ideas? (I can't imagine there are separate bulbs for when the car is on/off)