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    Thread: weirdest thing ever 2001 gti vr6

    1. 02-16-2012 01:39 PM #1
      so i have a 2001 vw gti vr6 i have 4 6-1/2 polk speakers, a 820watt mono amp, single 12' and a 1 farad cap..alternator/battery are less than 6 months old. my car will completely die out while driving..it will go from running perfectly fine to nothing..no clicks when attempting to start, no dash lights, head lights, nothing..its just like the whole car died..as if it didn't have a battery..won't start up at all..wait a few minutes and it will work again..then die again. what is my problem? anyone have this happen to them?

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      02-20-2012 11:56 PM #2
      check your power wires they could be grounding out causing a massive load there for no power to any thing till maybe a little movement of the wire, so check all your grounds, and battery cables wiggle them to be sure the connection is 100 percent secure

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