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    Thread: Panasonic F61 error

    1. Member Turbo Benzina!'s Avatar
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      Feb 7th, 2010
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      02-17-2012 12:18 PM #1
      I bought a used 5.1 Panasonic SA-HT540 home theater today and the first thing I did was to plug in the subwoofer and the center speaker just to make sure it could actually play some tunes.

      When I connected the rest of the speakers I heard a noise coming from one of the surround speakers so I turned off the DVD to check all the cables. When I turned the DVD back on I was greeted with "F61" showing on the screen followed by the fans and the unit turning off.

      I unplugged all the speakers and even cleaned out the two fans but it keeps giving me the error code and won't start.

      Any tips?

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      Jan 29th, 2009
      Valdosta, Ga
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      02-17-2012 02:58 PM #2
      Google it, there's a ton of other forum posts out there. Something about either the output IC or the fans.
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