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Wow thanks for the input, I just don't know what classes to select and what degree. Buddies down in SIU are taking 2 more years of course there in automotive technology. I don't know what school to look at. Basically want to get the best out of those 2 years in learning that's all.
In case you weren't aware, in the first 2yrs of most 4yr degrees, you complete requirements knows as "General Education". These are: Math111, BA101, Econ101, Sociology 101, etc. Your friends are at a trade school and that's totally different.

At the point you complete your General Ed requirements, you might be at the point of something called "Associates Degree"; which tends to be as meaningless as doing no school unless you need to transfer to another 4yr college or use it to transfer your Community College classes to a 4yr college. There's no reason a person can't save a bundle on education by earning their GE at a community college (or Junior college) and then transferring to a 4yr college. Some states even offer an "In-State Associate of Arts Transfer Degree" to make this process even easier. Out of state transfers can get tricky, so plan ahead.

Bottom line, who cares what you're interested in today, you need to take 2yrs of classes anyway, so you might as well get those out of the way. Take a few years off school, work some crappy jobs and get perspective on life and your career path so you can go back to school with the motivation that you know what you want to do AND the urgency to complete a degree.