For sale:
Eclipse CD7100 with Canbus module made my axxess (subsidiary of Metra), Antenna adapter (non amplified - FM only), Double din install kit for MKV made by Scosche, and remote

If anyone is a car audio geek, they should know Eclipse. One of the best made head units ever made with full 3 way active capability. This unit also has a usb connection for you USB thumb drives storing your MP3s. On the rear of the head unit, non-fader, and 2 line outputs at 8 Volts!!!, and a direct RCA line in. Super high quality sound reproduction from the Radio and CD. You really won't find a head unit with 8v outs at this price. That's just clean pure power feed!

Also included is CAN-BUS/wire harness that gives you full steering wheel controls (equipped MKVs of course) and antenna adapter. I did not purchase an amplified one because I really dont need AM radio.

I've used this unit for lots of SQ competitions and it was in my daily driver. In fact, I just took it out today.

This is very much plug and play on any MKV. Head unit is already pre wired to the axxess module. The only you would need is to wire in a remote send (from the eclipse cd7100 harness) to your amps if you are running amps...which is as typical as they come.

I'm selling this because I purchased an Audison Bitone unit that has even more customization features and will be running an OEM RCD510 to keep it stealth.

325 Shipped +paypal fees for the entire set up OBO
75 shipped +paypal fees for axxess module+harness, antenna adapter, Double din kit OBO
250 shipped +paypal fees for just the head unit and wires OBO