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    Thread: Who Hunts?

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      Jul 6th, 2004
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      02-19-2012 09:40 PM #1
      What do you hunt? And how much do you typically pay to hunt?

      I bought my rifle for no particular purpose which is why I chose a .308, I figured it could take any game I would encounter, but is relatively affordable for target shooting.

      That said, I'm living in central Texas, so there is plenty of land to be hunted on around here. Well, tonight I began looking into the costs for hunting various places, and GOT DAMN...

      Hunting on any reasonably well-known ranch seemingly costs a minimum of $2000 for a day or two. And if you are fortunate enough to land a trophy buck you're looking (at some places) at upwards of $10K.

      I understand paying to shoot guns and harvest game from someone's land, but good lord.

      Am I just looking at the wrong places? I am completely ignorant to hunting culture and all that goes with it (other than plastering Browning stickers all over your truck).

      If you hunt, please learn me somethin'

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      02-20-2012 07:54 PM #2
      Hogs and coyotes on family land in east texas. No money unless I bring some hogs to butcher.

      I never had to look into game farm or pay to hunt land, but that's some crazy money for a deer.

      I'm loading up the truck and hounds and heading down wed to hunt hogs for a few days. My mom calls me up when the hogs get to closest pond, I go down and shoot half a dozen and head home. Clean guns, eat pork and wait for the next call.

      You need to find some friends with land to hunt, public land even.

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