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    Thread: 1981 Rabbit diesel Pickup fan relay missing

    1. Junior Member
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      Jun 3rd, 2008
      81 rabbit pickup, 98 Jetta
      02-20-2012 09:27 PM #1
      My pickup which starts up fine now , has a problem with radiator fan not coming on at all .
      So I took a look at the temp switch on the radiator , that was plugged in ,then looked at the
      westy fuse box and saw right away a spot 1 up from the left side was missing and marked
      ' Radiator fan ' What is the no of that one ? I talked to a VW guy and he thought it was a 53
      relay . I have a 53 relay , and that wasnt it . Anybody know the no of that one and if its available
      at a salvage yard or its installled on a bunch of years ? Bentlley VW Shop book says it has one
      on a 30 A Circuit . Whats the verdict ? ps - some pictures from the factory shop manual

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    2. Member Baron VonZeppelin's Avatar
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      Apr 15th, 2008
      CetaneCity, NorthCarolina
      5 Old VW Diesels and a TDI
      02-21-2012 12:14 AM #2
      I can try to remember to look in my 81 and 82 Truck and see whats there.

      In the meantime, are you getting 12V to the input on your radiator fan switch by any chance ?

      Those systems are known for failures/melts and often get bypassed.
      Seems like i bypassed it on my 81 due to previous meltage.
      Will try to look tomorrow evening.

    3. Junior Member
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      Jun 3rd, 2008
      81 rabbit pickup, 98 Jetta
      02-21-2012 02:22 AM #3
      Baron , will check in the morning.
      There was some slight heat warpage at the relay area on the fuse box panel
      thought that might be why prevous owner may have tried to by pass the relay and switch .
      will know more later .
      A known VW expert in Md told me they thought it was relay 53 . I already have that one
      present , in my 81 and 98 .

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