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    Thread: Bent Hub Cause for Tire Coming Lose?

    1. 02-21-2012 12:57 PM #1
      Long story ahead...but here's a quick timeline...

      -Got my front left CV joint replaced in December
      -Got new tires in February
      -Around same time started hearing a "thumping" noise from front left tire

      Since the sound started when I got the new tires, I figured the tire was the problem, maybe needed re-balance or broken belt inside. Driving was fine though, handling was no problem. I take it back to the company who did it and they call me later saying I need to come in. Turns out my hub is bent. The person who worked on my CV joint is definitely at fault, after taking longer than expected with the repair he said the axle had been stuck. I'm guessing he took a hammer to it.

      So the company is blaming the bent hub for the thumping, saying my tire was coming lose as the lugs were being stripped. I'm kinda skeptical, though. I mean if the hub was the problem there would have been signs back in December, right? But the noise only started occurring after the new tires were installed which makes me think the tire company is at fault. Either forgot to tighten/over tightened the lugs or something.

      It doesn't make sense that they could install the tires with no problems, but now see a big of enough reason to refuse service. It's either there was nothing wrong back then, or there was and they just completely ignored it.

      So basically, does it seem more plausible that the hub caused the problem, or some shady work from the shop?

      Here's pictures if it helps any:

      Bent hub

      Stripped lug

      Stripped screw for hub

    2. Member Zach!'s Avatar
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      Jan 8th, 2010
      SF Bay Area
      2005 1.8t GLI+ // V8 Touareg T1
      02-21-2012 01:58 PM #2
      I would go back to the first shop and demand a refund or to have it done again.

    3. Member CasperSYTFU's Avatar
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      Oct 17th, 2011
      Bay Area, CA
      1981 VW Caddy, 2007 BMW 335i
      02-21-2012 05:57 PM #3
      +1 on getting first shop to make things right
      Respect your elders. Mk1 Caddy.

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